Full Throttle


We took the first game on the road, just like we did in Anaheim, but there’s no
letdown. We have Josh Beckett going in Game 2, so we like our chances. But there’s
no coasting, by any means. Full throttle from here on out.

As for this win, it was very big. Both pitchers, both staffs, did a very
good job tonight. Dice-K did a nice job of getting out of some jams.


I don’t know how Dice-K keeps doing this. He gets in
those jams and finds a way to get out. He makes all the pitches he needs to. It
says a lot about his composure, and keeping his cool and executing his

Standing out there in center field and watching those
rallies unfold — especially in games like these — it’s huge when they get a
leadoff runner on, or two runners on, with no outs and he comes away with a zero
on the board. It gives us a lot of confidence in him knowing that if we can put some
runs across, we have a very good shot of winning.

What can you say about their guy, James Shields? He was very good tonight.
We got that one run across and didn’t get that second run — that RBI double from Youk — until he
was out of the game.

Another huge point in the game tonight is when Justin Masterson
came in with two on and one out and Evan Longoria at the plate. It’s the eighth
inning and we’re only up by two runs. We all know how dangerous Longoria is. They
had some momentum going. And Justin gets him to hit into a double play. That
killed their crowd and their momentum in the game. It was huge.

But you knew tonight, the way this was going, it was
going to be a low-scoring game. I think it’s big. Tomorrow is another big game,
so it would be nice to come out of here with two wins and get back home. It’s
very satisfying to get that first one, especially with the few amount of hits
that were in this game.



Hey Jacoby,
Congrats on your win tonight. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about the games…….it’s always nice to get the inside scoop. Keep making the Pacific NW proud. Go get ’em Jacoby……….or as we like to call you, “Mr. Madras”.

You should be satisfyed with getting the first one, Matsuzaka showed how dominating he can be when in a groove. With Beckett and Lester going in the next two i believe the pitching matchups are in the Red Sox favor, not to mention if you get on base like you did in the division series you will make an immediate impact on the game with your speed, Concrats on the road victory!


Thanks, Jacoby for taking the time to connect with the fans through your blog. Congratulations on a great game in Tampa. Good luck in game two. Your Boston fans can’t wait to get you guys back in town…2-0!

Dice-K gets me so mad, I actually start yelling at the T.V. Then, all of sudden, just as quickly as it began, he throws strike 3 for the last out and I can breathe again. Jacoby, I don’t know if I would call it composure, but it is definitely something. He’s been doing it all season; especially, with loading the bases. Then again, with the bases loaded, he is now 0-15(?). He does not allow anyone to score. That’s what I mean when I say he has me yelling at the T.V.. He just drives me crazy!!!!! Congrats on the win! I am taking a deep breath until the next game. You should do the same. Go Sox!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We get angry because he reminds us of all of the ‘jams’ we’ve ever been in. I get that heavy feeling in my chest every time we get in these spots (and I also get frustrated at Terry in these situations). I expect him to get the same feeling I do that hearkens back to indellibly etched memories written by people like the ’75 Reds, Bucky Dent and Bill Buckner. Older fans than I remember specifics that go back decades. I don’t know of any other fans than those of the Cubs who have anxiety attacks when their club is up by 3, 4 or 5 runs and an opponent gets a baserunner or two! Maybe a few more years of world class play will allow Red Sox fans to breathe easier when Dice-K and others get in a jam. Jacoby, thanks for adding to the heart and soul of the game.

Hey Jacoby nice win last night, it definitely was a pitchers duel, and I think we can all agree that was a needed win. I think everyone is just as stumped as you are about Dice-K, but as long as he keeps putting zeros on the board, I don’t care how walks he gets. =]


It was great for you guys to grab that first win. Talk about a pitcher’s duel! Keep up the spectacular work!

Oh.My.God. It gives me ulcers to watch Dick-K pitch. But once again he pulled it out. You guys played a great defensive game – keep up the good work. Can’t wait to for the series to get to Fenway. Hope J.D. didn’t suffer too much damage from that wild pitch last night – that’s the last thing he needs.

BTW – thanks for being such a great role model – my son (who is 6) wants to grow up and be a great ball player (and this is a direct quote) “just like Ellsbury”.

Yeah, Dice-K really helps with the heart attacks! JK. Awesome to win game 1. How about those Phillies, huh? Unbelievable. OK Ells, guys, lets beat the pants off them tonight! Hey I didn’t hear the yelling guy, was he there? Best of luck, wouldn’t 2-0 be super sweet?……

That really was a great game…but I must say, Daisuke is probably the most infuriating pitcher to watch. I mean it seems like he has to walk the bases loaded before he can get an out. And it just seems inevitable that sometime someone is going to get a big hit off him one of these times. And as someone commented before me on here, It’s hard to ever take a lead for granted being a Sox fan, for me images of game 7 of the ’03 ALCS always come up. But regardless, it goes as a ‘W’ in the books and now we’ve got Beckett, and then Lester at home. Great game, and I look forward to more of the same tonight! 🙂 As always, Go Red Sox!

Let bring the series back home 2-0. Great job!!!!!

It’s pretty cool how you have a blog. Keep up the awesome work! You are such a great athlete. (:

Dice K ought to just intentionally walk the first 2 batters every inning. He only seems to get serious when there are runners on base.

Way to take Game 1, Jacoby!! Congrats on the W!! Good luck in Game 2!!

Great win last night. Shields was on his game last night (nasty changeup) and the sox still came out on top. Dice K, Dice K, Dice K!!! Wow what can i say, he certainly makes the game very interesting!! He struggled a bit in the first inning with the breaking ball, but Tek eventually got him to settle in with that fastball and cutter and the breaking stuff and the offspeed stuff. Dice K was effective using all his pitches last night. When he got in jams, he was able to get out of them like he has done all year. Amazing. A big reason why he was able to get 18 wins this year. Dont be satisfied with a split going back home. Don’t let up, go after them tonight. I guess i don’t need to tell you guys that, you guys always play hard. You got Beckett on the mound and that would give any team confidence. Just get him a few runs, and he’ll handle the rest.

Good Luck tonight Jacoby and the rest of the Red Sox

game 1 was intense! its great that we came out with the win. hopefully beckett can make it 2-0 tonight! good luck!

WAY TO GO RED SOX!!!!! thx for the time ur taking for this blog ellsbury…it’s cool getting ur insights into the games. my friends in boston watching the game on nesn last nite were texting me in tampa, “go boston!”, etc. – it was wicked fun or as they say in boston “a wicked pissah”! dice k was awesome even tho he can make everyone crazy, and now 2nite we got beckkkkkkkkkkkett on the mound and he’s ready to go – yeah baby! wearin my lucky cap signed by tek for good luck again 2nite! let’s shut out those rays again – best of luck ellsbury and the entire team!!!

That was truly one whale of a playoff game! You’re not gonna see many better than that one. Both teams played nearly flawless ball and the pitching was plain great. Shields was teriffic but Dice-K was even better; talk about stepping up in a big game. To win a game without a hit from Big Papi, Tek or Ellsbury seems unlikely, but you guys did it. I’m hoping Jacoby can get on base tonight and Papi can unload on them. I guess we’re all waiting for Josh to show everybody what he’s made of tonight. Go Sox; don’t let them breathe!

does some1 know how to paste a pic in the blog? i gotta great one for 2nite’s game and series. thx

tried pasting – i don’t see it here but saw it downloading…maybe it will after i hit submit…

hey jacoby…congrats on the win in game 1…you were amazing last night…i just love watching you play…you are my favorite player on the red sox by a landslide…you complete my world…best of luck for tonight’s game…show Evan Longoria who the Rookie of the Year really is…i love you!!!
carissa xoxo

Good luck in game 2, Jacoby!

hey jacoby!!!
u guys play an awesome game last night! congrats on the first win in the ALCS! dice-k was amazing, i love how he has the ability to get himself out of a situation where he has the bases loaded and only 1 out! seeing him pitch keeps us all on the edge of our seats! james shields was great to, it was a good pitching match up last night. excited to see beckett pitch tonight and cant wait for the game to start! good luck to all of u in game 2!!! (especially u jacoby! love ya lots!!!)

first off; congrats on the win for game 1 ! 😀 it was an amazing game. i’ve never been to the trop when it was that, what’s the word.. hectic? nah, but it was an exciting game. the red sox defense deserves a thumbs up as well.

good luck tonight. :]
… err, i mean, right now.

Maybe now all the big mouth know it alls will shut up about the decision to set the rotation up as it is. All I heard on talk radio was how it was a mistake and every negative thing they could think of about Dice K. Well, who made the right decision NOW? 18-3 doesn’t happen by accident! You might luck your way to a 4-0 or a 12-8 that just as easily could have been a 2-2 and a 8-12, but an just how many 18-3’s did you see out there this year? Exactly. And how about the prospect of a game 3 of a tied series with Lester on the mound for ya?!

whats going on bost fans where is the obnoxiousness- maybe it s just the ones who come to tampa- anyway good blogging – good game red sox- and enven though I am rays – keep up the great baseball – I know you all dont want to hear this but as great as bay has been its still great not to have to face manny. I wish this was the world series these are the 2 best teams- angels are right there too

Hi Jacoby,
We are glued to the tv everytime you play- it is just great to see you so successful- and so much fun to have a Central Oregon player in the major leagues. I have always been a baseball fan- George Brett was my favorite for years- but it is SO much better to have one of your former students playing for the Red Sox!!!You are having an up and down time this year, but I recall your dedication and hard work in class, and know you will overcome any obstacles that might get in your way. Hang in there and enjoy!!!! Mrs. G ps Margee says Hi

Hey Jacoby,

Congrats on a great season! The Soxs did great, what a heartbreaker.

By the way, I really noticed your blazing speed on the basepaths this year, man can you fly! I was curious what sprint and baserunning workouts you do in the offseason to gain sprinting speed.

Any recommendations for aspiring athletes, good luck in the off-season games and spring training, see ya next season.

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