Turning The Page After A Tough Loss


It definitely would have been nice to come out of here
up 2-0. It’s just unfortunate we couldn’t get this one tonight, but we’re already
thinking about Game 3.

This one was a long, exhausting game. The way it started
off, you thought it would be high scoring the whole night. The ball was just
flying out of the park.

But it got tight at the end and it was hard for either
team to do much. Relief pitching did a great job.


It was nice to get on Scott Kazmir early, but it was just one
of those games. It just didn’t quite go our way. We’ll be ready to get the win
on Monday night.

I had that one at-bat earlier in the game where I tried
to bunt the ball and it slammed me in the helmet. That could have been bad if
you wear it in the face or the nose or the eye. It gave me a headache, but it
could have been worse. I’m fine now.

Everyone wanted to know what happened with Josh Beckett
tonight, but it’s hard for me to tell from right field. When I’m in center
field, I have a little bit better read on where the pitches are missing, or if
they are. He’ll pitch again and I’m sure he’ll pitch well, so we’re not

We have Jon Lester going in the next game and he’s been
throwing so great, so we have that to look forward to.

The one thing we do on this team is shake off a tough
loss. We’ll get on that plane and forget about the game. Short-term memory is


It was a very exciting/frustrating game but I know you guys will bounce back on Monday too bad us westcoast peeps won’t be able to enjoy the game.
Glad to hear you are ok after the ball hit you, scarey moment!


It was a tough game to lose but exciting to watch. Each time the team would get ahead I would think — OK we have it won. And then the Rays would come back. They are amazing and so young. Francona has a nice article about you online “tweaking the line-up” which will make you feel good.

You now will have the home park advantage so good luck to you and the rest of the Bo Sox in the next game. I have to say that the Trop is one of the worst ball parks I have ever seen and you guys had to play 5 hours plus in it. You will be happy to be back in Fenway with all your fans making all the noise.

Wish I had the time to send you some sweet grass to help you on your path to winning ways. Good luck.

I was very shocked to see Fenway South had so many cowbells and BLUE Rays shirts on Friday. So many NEW Rays fans jumping on to support them. Which is great for that team, but it was so hard to hear the Sox fans there. Was Friday night Ray’s shirt give away night? I have also never seen that park so full, that must have been amazing.

I was glad to watch the replay of the ball hitting your helmet, not your face. They showed it about 6 times and each time I was amazed your face was alright.

Go get em at home!

Jacoby, thank you so much for the time and extra effort you are putting into this blog. It is a hugh commitment on top of playing in the Playoffs. I’m exhausted by the end of the game and I am only watching. Here is something for you in return. You may have already read it. Continued good luck.

Navajo’s Hand
To all Dineh people

Looking upon a Navajo’s hands,
Under the light of day or night,
Looking at all the creases,
Under the motion of working…

Work and Love,
With each new wrinkle of age,
Family and Friends,
With all the hugs it help created…

Dirty or clean,
It’s full of happiness and pride,
Old or Young,
It felt madness and sadness…

Scratches or bruised,
One may be proud of…
its Navajo hands like myself.

Leo Jim Jr “Navajo-Page,AZ”

I agree with Jacoby, you guys have your up and down days, and all you can do is look ahead to the next game with positive thoughts, and think of what was good about that night. Just because it was one game that we lost, we shouldn’t let it get to us. I honestly have to say, i really disagree with the calls the umpire was making last night. They made some pritty poor calls last night.

I was a great game to watch, long though… Just wait to get back to Fenway–NO COW BELLS! You are doing great against the Rays-you guys can do this!!!

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE UMPIRES ?????…., I have been watching the games all year and nothing but lousy call after lousy call , and not just for us either , Bravo to John Farrell for getting in the umps face over obviously lazy wanting to finish the game and go home calls !!. Other than that, I thought Josh ( THE TEXAS HEAT ) Beckett looked really good, just missed some locations , but that happens, especially with the heat inside the stadium, I saw quite a few people fanning themselves indicating it was fairly warm inside !!. Jacoby , love to watch you play and steal the bases and thanks for doing the blogs after the game, I am looking forward to you getting back home and settling in a little more , because when your hitting and getting on base that affects all the teams yall played during the season, it makes the Pithcer, Catcher , First and Second baseman alot more nervous knowing ” Hey This Guy Is Probably Going To Be RUNNING !!” .

Umpires???? What about the announcers on TBS??? Living in CA those are the only televised games we get. Has anyone else noticed how the announcers seem to favor the Rays??? Perfect example..Dustin’s first home run the announcer was “high fly ball, it is out of here” in a low key tone….but when Longoria hit his it was “TO THE TRACK TO THE WALL IT IS OUT OF HERE” in a loud excited voice….Seriously…pay attention and you will see what I am talking about….Anyway boys of Boston, shake it off and go to Fenway and win where you belong and are loved!

What a tough loss last night. Stayed up all night watching and praying. It will be okay when you get back to Fenway. Lester will kick butt. I hope Beckett’s arm is not still hurt and he just had a bad game. My son is a pitcher and had a hurt arm last year, so I know how he feels. He has been doing rehab and will be a senior this year. I am a die hard redsox fan and glad you have a blog Jacobi. I love you guys. Can’t be too mad at Timlin he gave my family tickets once. Good luck

I agree about the announcers also, but they can’t decide who wins the game and the Umpires can, you are 100% right though they are dedicated Rays fans obviously . Don’t feel bad , that’s the only station anyone can see it on even if you live in MA. It is clear TBS didn’t spend any $$$ on announcers and just pulled some guys off the street for about $ 80.00 a game !!..

It’s good you all get a day off before the next game; especially after those long 5+ hours. I literally said to myself “do these guys ever actually sleep?”
that and could there have been any more home-runs in one game? Lol.
so, i’m happy that you’re doing well and that that ball didn’t hit you more than it did the helmet. πŸ™‚

good luck for tomorrows game ~ ! n__n

It was a good game by both sides. A tough loss, but the next three games are in Boston, so you’ve got to like those chances. Yeah, I have to agree about the announcers, they were trying to jinx Daisuke’s no-hitter every chance they got. And, yeah, glad to get away from the cowbells and that foghorn. Let’s see, TBS announcers…I know that TBS is a southern station, based out of Atlanta…but I’m not sure who they’ve got on this one. I think one of them was Buck Martinez again, who is very good as the host of XM Radio’s Baseball This Morning but is just as bad as everyone else on the most incompetent announcing team in the majors, that of the Baltimore Orioles. Seriously, I was so happy when DirecTV started allowing viewers a choice between home and away feed because it meant I didn’t have to watch Orioles announcers any longer. (My “home teams” in terms of television rights are the Mets and Yankees.) Go get ’em in Game 3!

Jacoby it is important you guys keep your heads up after all you guys got a split ina hostle crowd. What more could you ask for?

Good Luck,

The Yat’ tah eh kid, Dallas Texas

absolutely right re: the commentators giving rays the excited comments – it ticked me off as i live here in this crappy area (temp) and i noticed when pd hit his 1st homer, it was like, “ok there’s a homer, blah blah blah” but then when the rays hit ’em, more like “OMG THAT BALL IS GONNNNNNNEE!” i noticed it right away then they just kept doing it. chip caray was one of the announcers i believe (his voice sounded familiar)…i kept saying at the tv, “alright enuf already about the rays, how about giving the red sox some enthused press…THIS IS THE ALCS SERIES, both teams whether rays r in or not should get ample press” – it’s not that way when our boys r at fenway geez. at least those commentators give equal press…and those cowbells – notice the rays fans who were ringing them had headphones on lol! if u haven’t been to the trop vs good ole REAL fenway, the place is annoying, has a manufactured feel to it, all computer and the bells, plus a large % of the rays fans are downright rude and poor sports!! notice the booing when we do something great (and it isn’t when youk is up)…i’ve been there and ur in ur seat and our guys rocket one or jacoby steals, and we’re jumping up and down cheering the sox on, yet the rays fans are booing us. it’s come down to where it’s not that fun of a venue to go and watch our boys play which is a shame for us red sox fans in tpa that wanna see them play live close by…but anyway my thoughts on that.

i felt for beckett as he’s still trying to get his postseason josh back. u can tell. however i knew kaz was going to choke early as he did last time we played them, and he did. the kid was sweatin mentally in the 1st inning. and then i thought tito kept beckett in too long – gave rays a little more edge but beckett is determined and a warrior in postseason so he will bounce back. hideki was right on it like last postseason, pap smoked as usual but too bad he couldn’t pitch a little more, masterson, delcarmen – all good stuff…

jacoby, so glad that ball hit ur helmet and not ur face and can imagine u had a headache afterwards. appreciate the blogging after the games…ur commitment to the game and team shows here in ur blog w/ ur fans. it’s only 1-1 now and monday back at fenway w/ “hit me with ur lest shot” on the mound vs emotional garza. plus no cowbells, REAL grass and dirt, the beautiful sky above u and the breezes blowin in ur faces…ur gonna shut ’em out in boston – we fans in fla will be watching and cheering u guys on! go chomp some rays’ butts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!

hey jacoby!!!
it was a great game last night! little bummed that we lost, but now that u guys r back home, we have the home feild advantage now! πŸ™‚ congrats to pedroia, youkilis, and bay for hitting homeruns! they were awesome! glad that the ball hit ur helmet and not ur face! it was deffintly a OMG moment! beckett was good last night, and i can wait to see lester pitch in game 3!!! good luck in ur game on monday, cant wait to see u guys play! lets turn that 1-1 record into 3-1! JACOBY U ROCK MY SOX!!! I LOVE U!!! πŸ™‚

and fenbay – WOW is all i can say!! his at bats were crucial everytime except the last one when he was struck out! lowrie always gives us somethin like pd…and pd, man his slump is gone! his homers and slides were awesome to watch! jacoby, ur focus & confidence in the box is excellent – it comes across very clearly, not to mention anytime a ball is hit where ur out in the outfield, we KNOW u got it & u do!! and i love it when u and coco r on base at same time – nuthin but stealin going on! kotsay is great defensively but just needs to hit that batting cage more and hope to see him in 2009 at spring trng – tito needs to play him more. and manny ramirez…manny who? we don’t need him – we’ve got a much better team now that he left and took all his distracted drama w/ him…don’t get me wrong, i still enjoy watching him bc he’s one of the best sluggers in this game & he was my fav player of the sox and i still watch him when i can, but it made our ballclub healthier when he left and bay came onboard. bay’s more serious and focused…like manny used to be when he first started w/ the red sox.

That was one of the greatest playoff games I have ever seen, up until the home plate umpire forgot what a strike looks like. The game had all the excitement of the RedSox/Reds World Series of 1975, a real heavyweight bout. Mike Timlin is one of the all-time great relief pitchers and he came in like a warhorse last night. He definately had Navarro struck out with a perfect pitch; no way the Ump lets a batter take that pitch in that situation. Then, Zobrist takes one right down the middle and it’s called a ball; he ends up walking. The Sox got robbed; TB was out of pitchers and their demise was in sight. You guys played a nearly perfect game. I guess the lesson is, don’t get in a close one with the sentimental favorites or you’ll get jipped. I hope you guys can put it behind you and keep the pressure on them in Boston. Time to give them a good bashing. GO SOX!

With Lester the Ace taking the Bump at home where he is outstanding is this game 3 a must win? Considering he is our ace of the postseason and momentuem heading into game 4 and 5 is huge!

Your right Jacoby, one thing the red sox do great is bounce back when they’re down. Everyone in Red Sox Nation believes that you can win this series. We have something to look forward to in Boston with Lester pitching.

damn well that loss was hard for me. i can imagine how hard it was for you guys who were playing. well i m glad to hear you’re ok after getting hit. i was worried =/. well you guys need to keep your heads up because Lester is a great pitcher and im pretty sure we’ll come out with the win on monday!

hey jacoby…i was so worried when you went to bunt and the ball came back in your face…i almost started crying…but now im glad to hear you are doing okay…i love you and i wish you the best of luck for monday’s game…with Jon Lester on the mound, i know you guys are going to win…love you jacoby!!!
carissa xoxo

That was a tough loss, I can’t believe I even stayed up for the whole game. I had no idea what happened when that ball hit your helment, until I watched the replay. I’m happy it did not hit your eye or nose, I was terrified for a while. Now we have Lester on the mound, and you couldn’t of asked for someone better.
And…. I miss Don and Jerry announcing like all of Red sox Nation.
Good luck in game 3, I cant wait!!!

Hi Jacoby

From the first time I saw you on the field with the Sox last year I knew you would be an amazing player and a top notch addition to the sox line up.

The game last night was crazy. What a rollercoaster ride. But taking a split at the Trop considering your regular season record there I think you guys are doing great. You also put the fear into the Rays, as they were so sure they were untouchable there.

Take the 3 games at Fenway and lets wrap this thing up. Looking forward to the World Series with the Phillies. Manny and his Dodgers won’t see that series.

It is not only the TBS announcers. Fox does it as well, especially when the Sox are playing the Yankees. They always say “this is what the yankees have to do in order to win.” They really are bias. I am up in Maine so I prefer NESN. Good luck in game 3! I say we take them in 5.

Hi Jacoby! Despite the loss, that was one of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen! I’m glad your heads okay! The announcers called the Red Sox a team of bullies which I guess isn’t a bad thing, especially in the playoffs! You guys definitely have the Rays scared!!Late night baseball has been kicking all of our ***** who have to work early in the morning….but we don’t mind a bit!! Love you guys!! Emily D

Hi Jacoby,

I am glad you are okay! You have really gone the extra mile this season and have suffered a lot of hard hits with outstanding results, you are absolutely amazing to watch! Grace in action and DEFINITELY Rookie of the Year! My family and I have enjoyed watching you play since your early days with Pat Casey (we live in Corvallis and have season tickets to the OSU beavers). I wish my cousin, Cole G. was playing with you for the Red Sox, he is still waiting to get called up to The Show. We catch a couple of Red Sox games at Fenway every year and also in Seattle whenever you play the Mariners. You are definitely number one in our hearts for jumpstarting OSU to their back-to-back championships, and I can see that the Red Sox are also enjoying your positive energy! Can’t wait to watch you and the team beat those Rays and take the World Series again!

I am impressed that you are keeping this blog so diligently. Kudos.
Last night was crazy, exciting, frustrating, and several other emotions all at once. It’s great to watch such great match-ups in these games. I played ball in college and miss it so much when I watch. I empathize with you on a tough night at the plate. Tomorrow is a new day. I’m pumped for the game, changed my work schedule so I can watch. I just have one suggestion for you guys. I would think about using cut plays to the plate, it takes maybe a fraction of a second more, but its more efficient, and in my opinion, would have nailed that guy last night. Just a thought. Keep on keeping on, you guys are so much fun to watch, I love being a part of Red Sox Nation, it’s amazing. Thank you.
P.S.-The umpires really let me down last night. Their poor decisions unfairly changed the entire composition of a game hard fought by both sides. Most notably the first base umpire missing that swing that would have been a strikeout for a second out of utmost importance… but there’s nothing we can do about that now. Let’s get them at home. Much love.

Thanks for keeping this blog up to date. Its good stuff. I don’t know if you’ve seen that battingstanceguy on you tube, but I heard that later tonight he’s going to put out a playoff version of the Red Sox batting stances at http://www.battingstanceguy.com – thought you’d like to see it – and get a good stress relieving laugh.

feel sorry for your guys in the US. We get the international feed here in Hong Kong with Dave O’Brien announcing. OB is a regular Boston radio announcer, so there’s a little more enthusiasm for Red Sox success.

I feel sorry for the Rays, who still can’t sell out their cave, err stadium, even for a playoff game. LOL !!

By the way Jacoby, any comments on why you can’t seem to get on base this series?

Thanks for posting Jacoby! I’m sorry about the Game 2 loss, but I’m glad you’re okay after that scary bunt attempt. I was nervous for a moment. I bet you’re all looking forward to being back on the Fenway Park field with real fans cheering for you, and NO COWBELLS!!! I know you guys can win this series… you have it all!!! Good luck in Game 3!!!

Game 2 was such an annoying game! It looked like the Rays were getting all the breaks and all the calls! : (
Hopefully we can do better at Fenway in game 3! No cowbells, and Lester’s pitching! : ) Should be a good one.. Go Sox!!

By the way Jacoby, we want FOUR homers tonight! : ) Kidding..

Go kick some ***! : )

Yeah, tough game. Man, going all that way just to be beaten by a shallow sac-fly. Tough love from baseball, there. But we’ll put it behind us, go out there and wrap this up TONIGHT. GO BOSTON!!

I was at the game. I’m anxious to know what it’s like for you guys with those bleeping cowbells. It was deafening in there. We hung in for the whole thing and too bad didn’t come away with a win, but you will get at home!! Must say, that stadium, those NEW & very obnoxious Rays fans really made it difficult to enjoy the game. There were moments when I was a bit scared for my safety (really). It’s always fun though to be “in the same room” with you guys. Love you all!!! Go get ’em! I’m from BOS but live in Fort Myers area and WE ALL WANT YOU TO KEEP SPRING TRAINING HERE!!!! YOU ARE SO LOVED HERE…PLEASE KNOW THAT.

Oh yeah, glad you didn’t hurt yourself!! GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX GO SOX

Honestly, I think Red Sox fans prefer a suspenseful series (comeback!) to a sweep…that being said, I’m looking forward to the team’s victory against the Rays in this ALCS!

Glad your head’s ok!

Hey Jacoby,

That was a tough loss on Saturday but I’m sure the team will bounce back today. You’ll have the ace on the mound after all. I actually have a special affection for Jon because I was also diagnosed with Lymphoma three weeks after him. I have since recovered and can tell you that part of his confidence comes from the fact that he now fears nothing. I unfortunately know exactly what he has faced and couldn’t be happier about how well he has pitched this season. I’m glad you are feeling OK and best of luck this afternoon!!

well I commented how nice yesterdays bostonites were – I guess thats only after a win . today you blamed the stadium, the cow-bell, the umpires, the anouncers, the manager, just horrible – I guess jacoby needs a rays fan for normality- jacoby you are a terriffic player fun to watch , you enjoy every moment of this very competitve series . win or lose don’t let these boston fans get to you like they did manny . I have to say american league playoffs have been way better then the national league – go baseball!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tough loss for sure, lots of faith in Lester though!

Someone please tell the umpires the strike zone should be in the form of a square or rectangle depending on the batter, it is NOT a star shape…..those calls were pathetic.

The announcers on TBS are definately Rays fans but NOBODY is worse than Joe Buck he shouldnt even be photographed nevermind put on TV or even radio. Buck Martinez is a great announcer he explains things very well.

Playing in a different stadium is part of the game, professionals should be able to adapt.

aw come on varetek u cost us a run you cant get the bat on da ball and u r making enemies with the umps . maybe its time to retire u got nuttin left big fella- its only the 2nd inning

wow lesters pitches really go far – he really is the best pitcher in baseball – go bj

Jacoby, You are such a cutie! This game tonight is a tough one to watch – hopefully you guys pull out of this slump. I Believe – But Fun, none the less!

HUGE Sox Fan

Katie you are pretty cutie yourself. xoxoxoxo- jacoby

Tonight was a very close game and I was surprised the way it ended. Everyone worked very hard and you could tell. If Francona had put in a different reliever, I think the game would have gone to the 12th inning. And if great offense from the line up continued, the game would have belonged to the Red Sox. The home runs were huge in this game and really changed many perspectives on the game as it went on.
Beckett really just lost his grove early in the game and was not able to answer in the following innings. Everyone else created the offense that was needed but Beckett lost his velocity and command early. I hope this series will only go to 5 games. Dice-K will hopefully be able to pull out another W for the sox and take the series.
Glad you are okay!!!
Great Job and Good Luck at Fenway!!

Tonight was a very close game and I was surprised the way it ended. Everyone worked very hard and you could tell. If Francona had put in a different reliever, I think the game would have gone to the 12th inning. And if great offense from the line up continued, the game would have belonged to the Red Sox. The home runs were huge in this game and really changed many perspectives on the game as it went on.
Beckett really just lost his grove early in the game and was not able to answer in the following innings. Everyone else created the offense that was needed but Beckett lost his velocity and command early. I hope this series will only go to 5 games. Dice-K will hopefully be able to pull out another W for the sox and take the series.
Glad you are okay!!!
Great Job and Good Luck at Fenway!!

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