Exhaustion and Excitement

ellsburydrew550x250.jpgThe best thing about an exhausting game like that is just to be able to come out on top. Emotions are running high. They come back and tie it up. J.D. Drew gets that huge home run to put us up in the top of the ninth and Kevin Youkilis makes a great catch to pull that foul ball out of the stands, and Pap finished it off.

It takes a lot out of you when you’re tied after having that 5-1 lead early. We knew coming into the series that it was going to be like this — that the games would be down to the last out. So even though they came back, it wasn’t surprising for us.

Even when we’re up early, our only objective is just to add to the lead. We knew 5-1 might not hold the way they execute and with the hitters they have in their lineup.

I thought Dice-K did what he had to do tonight — he got to Oki, who had a big inning and then Masterson came in and did a tremendous job. Our bullpen showed a lot of guts. The Angels kept coming and our guys did a tremendous job once again. They’ve been solid. A game like that, you have to rely on them, and it was nice to see them come through.

ellsburyswing275x375.jpgWhat can you say about J.D.? Just a great job. He made that great catch and hit the homer. If not for that, we still might not be playing right now. It’s nice to get on that plane up 2-0, but we still have a lot of work left.

When the Angels finally tied it and then we took the lead right back, it fired everyone on our team up and silenced their crowd. I’m sure it takes a little wind out of them. A playoff game like that, you get a one-out homer in the ninth of a tie game and of course we’re going to be fired up.

It’s definitely nice to have the 2-0 lead. We’ve done everything we could up to this point. But there’s still a little baseball left.

Now we get to Fenway, but it’s going to be a grind, just like these last two games.

We get Josh Beckett back for Game 3. We’ve put ourselves in good position. We need to come out just like we did in Game 1 and again tonight.

It’s a long flight home tonight, but it’s so much shorter after a win.


This is playoff baseball at it’s finest. You guys are really showing what you’re made of to all the viewers out there. You should all be very proud of what you’ve accomplished on the left coast.

Surely, you boys could hear my screaming only miles away from you. Absolutely faaaantastic game! Congrats! ๐Ÿ™‚
And winning over us west-coasters… amazing. I noticed all the Sox fans in the audience. Even on the road, it’s like you’re at home. Haha.
Trust me, I personally know a lot of Yankees and Angels fans who won’t be too thrilled to see me tomorrow. Thank you, Red Sox! You always make us fans proud.
Nice to have Drew back and thriving!

Congrats Jacoby, great job by the team out west — now let’s take care of this series at Fenway with a broom!


I live in Southern California, Ive been a Redsox fan all my life. I am 33. I think what your doing for the team is great. Your base stealing abilities brings another dimension to the team. Something the Sox were not known for in years past. The home run numbers are dropping through out the league. There’s going to be a lot more guys steeling a lot more bases in the next few years. You are the table setter for the next generation of ball players….
Thank you.

Way to go Jacoby and the whole red soxs team you guys are doing so awesome keep it up now back to Boston You Rock Jacoby

Well, this will never get old. Late night, but definitely worth it. Great team effort. J.D. was huge, on both sides of the ball. Really just a great team win. But that’s what we’ve come to expect, big plays, timely offense,and everybody doing their job. I’ll be there tomorrow night to cheer your guys on. Nothing can compare to October baseball in Fenway. Thanks for another exciting night.

Great win last night … I’m writing you from the heart of Yankee Country ? so I always take special pride walking in New York with my B cap with you guys winning in the playoffs. You played great and the team really showed up in the clutch.

Can you answer a question for me? I thought I saw Manny out near the bullpen last night on TV. Did he stop by to wish his former team well?

Excellent job, Ells, and everyone. I was so pleased for J.D. I just want to give game 2 props to Jason Bay also. For me that was just as exciting. I love October baseball! Man, you guys are spoiling the fans! I still am wondering (being a fan for 40 yrs!) can they do it 2 yrs in a row? Ells, I’m counting on you and the guys to put that concern to rest! Thanks for posting and reading the fans comments, it means a lot. Hey!! the guy on FoxNews just said you guys are going to win. Well there you go!

Once again, amazing game!! I need to learn how to stay up late again. I keep falling asleep. But what I saw was amazing. You guys do so well when the playoffs come. Let’s hope you can pul out another win tomorrow. Oh, my friend, Kelsey will be there. You met het before, last year at your FYE signing. You kept her poster, remember that? If you see her be sure to say hi to her. ๐Ÿ™‚

Hey J.Ell,
Congrats on another big game last night! You guys were awesome, you really showed guts when it got tough near the end of the game.. How about JD? He’s back in style for sure! Can’t wait for the game in Fenway.. It’s gonna be a riot! ๐Ÿ™‚ Go Sox!

Hi, last night game was exciting man!!, Good job!
im writting you from Guatemala, Central America, and me and my family are great RedSox Fans here!!! so, now you know, you guys have a Guatemalan family watching your everygame, we wish you guys the Best!!! God Bless!!

That what we call you in our house. What can we say, simply amazing!! We were at the final game on Sunday against the Yanks. My son who is battleing leukemia got to meet Jon Lester (arranged by Curt Schilling), then we were hanging out in John Henry’s seats before the game. My oldest daughter Lydia thinks you’re the BOMB! Sign my son’s blog at http://www.caringbridge.org/visit/justincondoluci
Welcome home, now sweep these Angels and move onto the ALCS! God Bless!

Just an INCREDIBLE job last night all around for game 2! I have no doubt you and the boys will take this one tomorrow night at home. Thanks so much for for taking the time to blog for us Ells!

Jacoby! Could you hear us all screaming and jumping up and down in our homes all across the country? We were going NUUUTS!! We are so proud of all of you. Don’t let up though. The Angels are a really good team and they’ve played us well in Fenway.. so keep the pedal to the metal, stay focused and finish it off at home behind Josh. And keep up the good work, Jacoby! Where you go, we go! Having you on base – one way or another – changes the whole game. They have to focus on you AND Dustin, Papi, Kevin, Jason and JD! It kind of doesn’t seem fair! :-)))
Thanks for such a great time. We are really, really having fun with this! I hope you are having as much fun as we are!

Hi Jacoby,

I’m an old enough baseball fan to recall, as a kid, the thrill of seeing Jackie Robinson driving pitchers crazy with his base stealing at Ebbets Field in Brooklyn. Thanks so much for bringing that thrill back. You are simply superb on the bases and, along with your young colleagues, have energized the Sox.

Also a special thanks for taking the time out to write a postseason blog for Sox fans who long for game responses from actual players. You are providing a real service.

Continued luck for the postseason from the many Red Sox fans in my home province of Newfoundland and Labrador!

Rock on!
Peter Narvaez

Great job, guys!!!! How ’bout that catch by Youk??? You are really showing some great defense out west!!!! And now let’s close it out at Fenway!!!

Jacoby, you had a hit, stole a base and made great defensive plays… yet we put in the pic of you striking out? Someone finally figures out how to keep you off the bases and we put the pic of it here? Who’s running this thing? The Angels?

Go Jacoby! You did great last night and in game 1! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait to watch the game tomorrow night at Fenway when you guys beat the Angels again!!! I hope you and the Red Sox win the World Series again this year. If you keep going they way you have, I don’t see any reason why you won’t!! Way to go Jacoby! Your fans in Vermont are watching!

Hi Jacoby,
Great game last night. You have gotten my wife totally interested in Red Sox baseball with your style of play! I’ve
followed the Sox since 1941, and this team really captures
my fancy. Keep it up!!!
Norm Votraw

Last October I was watching you at Fenway (games 1 and 2 vs the Indians)… then in March I was at a bar in Ft. Myers talking to one of your cousins (tribal cousins) telling him you and Pedrioa were the best things going for the Sox… and now I’m in France, 6 hours ahead, watching every game at 4 am here… thanks for making it all worth it! How’s about stealing Rickey Henderson’s record next season??

hi jacoby! ๐Ÿ™‚
u guys played a great game last night!!! i enjoyed watching every minute of it! u played great! had some hits and a stolen base. jd played great 2! its nice to see him back in the line up again! congrats to jd and bay for hitting homeruns!!! cant wait till u guys come home to finish! hope u guys sweep the angels and make it to the ALCS!!! i have faith in all of u! U ROCK MY SOX JACOBY!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Wow, nice game and nice entry! You guys can do this!! GO BOSTON!

Whenever I go to a Red Sox game I am always the loudest one cheering when you come to the plate. You and the Red Sox always amaze me.I have seen you steal all 50 bases this year, 53 if you count the post season this year, I was wondering if you could send a message to all of your fans after you steal a base like touching your nose, that would be cool ๐Ÿ™‚ The first time I watched you the Fox reporters called you “a good looking player”, which was true! Just yesterday I saw a commercial for fatheads, which are lifesize posters of peple, and just yesterday I sent fathead nation an email saying they should have a Jacoby Ellsbury fathead!which I woud buy, to match my Red Sox room. You are already my screensaver!
P.S. You have my vote for a gold glove in the outfield.Keep up the good work!!!GO RED SOX!!!

Not only do you steal bases, but you steal hearts too!!!

2 down, 9 to go! GO SOX!

One more win, guys. And then 8 more wins.

Steve T.

Thanks Jacoby, awesome of you to write a post season blog for the fans ๐Ÿ™‚ Great catch by youk, eh? You’re always a fav to watch at bat and on the field!! Lets shut down the angels at home tonight!!

Jacoby, my wife wants you.

Good work as always, Jacoby. You’re too good a base stealer for your own good ๐Ÿ˜€ Shame about oversliding the bag tonight.

Wola Jacoby!!! Ustedes me hacen feliz cada vez que juegan y algunas veces llorar… Son mi equipo favorito y los seguire apoyando siempre, espero un dia poder ir a Fenway Park, es uno de mis grandes sue๑os y espero cumplirlo… Se que lo har้….. Jacoby: T๚ eres una gacela corriendo, que manera de robar las bases, de verdad pareces un rayo! Ojala y lo leas, me daria mucho gusto que asi fuera, y si no le entiendes pues le pides a Big Papi, Oriz o Cora que te ayuden a traducirlo.. Ojala estes en Boston por siempre!!!!
Vamos Red Sox ustedes son los mejores!!!! Yo aunque latina siempre ser้ parte de la Naci๓n Media Roja!!

Hang tough,and be persistent, we can do this! There isnt one member of the team that is any less than deserving to win again this year. I can name each player and the feats they have had to overcome this year, one by one.
You talk here about the home run the other night that Drew made.There is one feat for just one player I can mention.
My first reaction… I jumped out of the chair to in front of my tv because we regained the lead at the end, my second reaction was I cried like a baby.I know the pain he went thru and here he was in this incredible moment. Youk leaning over to grab that ball, he also suffered from back pain and his eye.I can go on and on but wont.But what total satisfaction the team gave to a fan as myself in game 2 from LA.I love my team!


Jacoby, you are my favorite! You and the Sox have 2 loyal fans here in Salt Lake City Utah! We are so proud to sport our Bosox attire, and now I have an Ellsbury t-shirt! Keep up the great attitude and fun spirit. GO RED SOX!

It’s to see you guys have a 2-1 lead in the series and be leading the game 2-0 going into the 8th. I agree with Lest coming out and Oki going in but Masterson after Oki? It’s great to kid a kids morale up, but you can’t risk a rookie facing the vets on the halos. Especially after the ridiculous move of walking in a run. He’s on the roster, getting paid to throw strikes. Do you’re job or make way for someone else. I’d rather Mike that Masterson.

RED SOX WIN!!!!!!!!

I would just like to say how proud I am to be a Red Sox fan! This may sound crazy but it’s like you all are family. You sit in my living room with me every night throughout the season – I encourage you all at each and every at bat or diving catch – I push for you guys to do well – I wince when you get hit or hurt or strike out for that matter. I feel as though you are all a part of my family – and as a member of my family I would like to say how very proud I am of all your accomplishments, collectively as a team. I hurt for my Boston Boys (as I call you) that you won’t be going to the WS this year but I’m incredibly proud of the fight you gave and I’ll miss you all in the offseason. Please tell Mike Lowell I’m praying for a speedy recovery for him. Good job out there this year!!!

PS. And tell Theo he just has to resign Tek it wouldn’t be the same without him!

Love you guys!

Hi Jacoby. I realize this is a shot in the dark but I was trying to see how I can reach you and tell you about my daughter. She is a bright, happy, high honor student who is celebrating her 16th birthday soon, first of November and I was wondering because she is absolutely crazy over the Red Sox and especially you. If you happen to be in our area CT on that date, would you stop by and say hi. She will just faint. She is the best thing that has happened to us and has never given us trouble, so to have you show up would be the greatest gift. Also, in our house we call the team “the guys” and don’t miss a game!!! Thanks, her MOM

Jacoby the folks on the rez in Parker say u are the best . Well being from Parker i had to come to Boston to see u play. We are catching the monday nite Game against the A’s good luck !!!!!!!
Fast Eddie

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