Punching Our Ticket to the ALCS


That was playoff baseball tonight. Wow.


This is just a great feeling to get a walk-off win in the
ninth.Jed Lowrie, a rookie, gets the game-winning hit. As a fellow
young guy, I’m so happy for him. He works his tail off and comes to the yard
prepared every single day. He deserves it. He’s had a tremendous year.

Watching that squeeze play from center field, I was
afraid the umpires were going to overturn it after it came out of Jason Varitek‘s
glove. Fortunately, ‘Tek had the tag before the ball popped out, but there’s no
way I can see that from where I am. It caught a lot of people off guard when
they squeezed, but that was just a huge out right there. That changed the whole
ninth inning for us.That’s what they wanted to do, try to catch us off guard.
But fortunately for us, it worked out.

We had a lot of guys on this team contribute all year for
us, and that’s a great feeling. This game was like our season — it didn’t come
easy, but we got it done. We’ve filled holes, we’ve had injuries, but guys have
just done a tremendous job to stay with it, to battle, and it’s nice to move on.It wasn’t easy getting to this point. The Angels, we knew
they weren’t going to give up. They won 100 games. And besides that, they just have too much pride. They were going to
come out and battle, and that’s what they did today.We’ve seen the Rays 18 times already this year, and we’re
excited to see them again in the ALCS. We’re excited to go down there and try
to get to the World Series.

Bay had a tremendous year,
but we’re excited to go down there and take a shot at it.


Congratulations on a great win!! We all knew you all could pull off the win tonight!!

YEE HAW!!!!! Thanks Jacoby and all the Sox for an awesome exciting win last night! This Orlando-based famiily will see you and the guys in St Pete! GO SOX!!!!

Thanks for a great season so far from all the Red Sox fans over here in the U.K.
Now for those pesky Rays and then on to possibly lock horns with Joe Torre again (just don’t mention Manny)!

Wow, what a game and what a win!!! Jon Lester is really an outstandig pitcher an Jason Varitek… Well I think there are no words to describe such a marvellous player…. Keep it going guys, the Rays are waiting for us!!!!

Awesome game!!! I had heard of a squeeze play but that was my first time ever seeing one attempted. The suspense was incredible!

Please ask Josh Beckett to dance with Papelbon!!! Josh broke his promise to dance if we won the world series last year. I think his breaking his word to the fans is unconsciously hurting him.

Good luck to the whole team!

Yes! Awesome job finishing off the A’s…so happy for all of you! Must be so hard for Mikey Lowell to SIT and watch! How can we send him get well cards and notes of encouragement— please inform us of either an email address or a mailing address that we could use. Enjoy your day off Jacoby!!!

OMG!!!!! What a game!!!!! I was on the edge of my seat! Lester, what can you say, incredible! Varitek, the captain, he knows how to get the job done. My heart goes out to my hometown guy, Mikey Lowell; to sit back, watch this all unfold and not be on the field; it must suck. Although, I know he would say that he was proud of the team and knowing that his injury would hinder the progress of the team; he is right where he is supposed to be, supporting his team from the bench. Still, my heart goes out to him. Jacoby, you had a great series…Now, breathe and get ready for the ALCS!!!!!! GoSox!!!!!!!

WOW! It is great that TBS is broadcasting all of the postseason games, because it is hard to catch a lot of Red Sox baseball here in Georgia during the regular season. And to see you guys win is an added bonus. I love watching the team play. It’s been a long time coming to see the hard-nose, all out “grit” players like you, Pedy (The Destroyah), Youk, and pretty much everybody on the team this year playing baseball the way you guys are; stealing bases, making FANTASTIC catches on the infield and in the outfield, and playing as a TEAM rather than just relying on one or two guys to get you through. This is what baseball should be about. I’m happy to see it is coming back around.
And thank you to Theo for trading to get Jason Bay!

Time to rev up for the Tampa Bay series on Friday; best of luck to you and all the guys. GO SOX!

Congrats to you Jacoby on an excellent season/post-season. Its been so much fun watching you guys play all season long. I am the same age as all of you and I can’t even begin to imagine the excitement of participating in playoff baseball. Having yourself, lowrie, papelbon, youk, pedroia, masterson among other young players… Its just indescribable how much fun you’ve made this year as a fan.

Its great to see the young guys and recruits such as Jason Bay and Mark Kotsay playing such a vital role in the Red Sox success. Its fun when you expect it to come from a big guy (like Papi) and Jed Lowrie and Jason Bay are the heroes. It just goes to show what Jed and Jason said about this team.

I believe it went to the extent of: “There are no superstars on this TEAM.” When you think about it nothing could be more true now that Manny is gone. Even Papi had a rough start to his career and was dumped off by the twins (THANKS SO MUCH MINNESOTA!).

We’ll all be cheering for you in the ALCS and we wish you the best of luck!


P.S. Run on Navarro!

Hey, guys, I’ve just returned from a trip to Florida, where I met more Sox fans than Rays fans. I sure wish I could be back in Tampa Friday night! I’ve got an idea for a chant that I would like to get going: “OUT YELL THE BELLS”, for when they get those stupid cowbells going. I’d like to hear Sox fans do it better the old school way. For those who are fortunate enough to go, please try to do this for me!

Of all the games to have to miss! I’ve had to watch clips on MLB.com to relive it, but what fun that is. This team has great spirit and plays *as a team*, which is so tremendous. I remember too many Red Sox teams that rose or fell on the shoulders of one or two stars. This team is talented top to bottom, but particularly in that #1 spot in the batting (or should I say running?) order.

Great season, Jacoby. Everyone in Oregon is proud of you and Jed. Keep it going! Crush the Rays!

Great game!! That walk-off hit was so exciting! I can’t wait for the ALCS!!!

After a season of monumental struggles you guys are now playing like the defending World Champs. No matter what happens, you guys never get down, it’s very impressive. Those young Rays have had a magical season, so far, but I feel they are about to get a look at the “real” Red Sox for the first time this year. If we can’t take four games from them with Dice-K, Beckett and Lester each getting two starts, then god bless ’em. Go Sox, beat down those whipper-snappers. 🙂

What a game it was! Hey Jacoby a big Congrats to you and the rest of the Red Sox team from a Texas Gal. You guys played like Champs, it was an awesome game. I’m sure looking forward to Friday and seeing you guys take on the Rays. Nobody plays October Baseball like the Red Sox. Good luck to y’all and lets take care of the Rays. Take care and Good Luck, I’ll be watching. GO SOX!!!!!!!!

This has been the best series of post season games and Boston, you have heart! – And pride and talent ? and a nation of fans hoping to propel you along. Ride it! WIN IT!

Three more wins and you are home free. Your fans, far and near, are going to be right there with you, win or lose? preferably win though!

Keep blogging Ellsbury and enjoy a couple days down time!


Jacoby I was hoping to get the chance to talk to you in Texas (I was the kid with the giant Y’a tah he! sign) I just wanted to tell you your a Hero to me and all my fellow Native American youths who strive to do what you. THANK YOU GOOD LUCK hope to meet you next year JR from Dallas TX

Hey Jacoby,

Congratulations on making it to the ALCS. The games have been great, but the late nights are killing us! Production at work has gone way down too but it’s worth it. That’s OK, the Yankee fans are getting plenty of sleep and can pick up the slack for the rest of us. They need something to do anyway. Of course, we also miss Don and Jerry doing the game broadcasts. It’s just not the same! Seriously, Tampa must be taken out. I absolutely can’t stand them or their awful stadium. This blog must go on as long as possible too (if you know what I mean).

Good luck in game 1!!

Great game last night! Jed definately deserved to get that hit, he came up from Pawtucket and really helped out the team when Lugo went down.

Now go down to Tropicana and get rid of the Rays! They gave you guys a tough time this season and now it’s time to get revenge! lol.

Well, congrats on making it to the ALCS, and I hope to be congratulating you again in a week or so on making it to the WS!

Good luck! You have a whole nation of fans behind you and we all have faith in you + the rest of the guys!

Now go get em’!

Lindsay [Boston MA]

OMIGOSH!!! What a freaking amazing series! The Angels are a great team and to beat them? Each game was a dog fight and it was so great to see everyone contributing in their own way to the win. Enough cannot be said, however, for Jon Lester’s pitching and your hitting/running/fielding! This is the way baseball is supposed to be played! Seeing Lowell on the bench crushes me, though. He’s had such a rough season and worked so hard to get back in the game. It’s not the same without him in the game…tho Youk is freaking AMAZING over there..at 1st or 3rd.. everywhere! Can you tell us how to get our thoughts to Mike Lowell though?

You are doing a fantabulous job! We are all pulling for all of you from all over Red Sox Nation. Enjoy your days off. Can’t wait for Friday!!!! (Thank you so much for blogging for us. We appreciate it!)

Great job in the ALDS, Jacoby. I can’t wait until we play Tampa Bay and sweep them. All of the Red Sox did a great job in game 4. Good luck in the ALCS…by the way, congratulations on having the first 3 RBI SINGLE in the post season!!!

hi jacoby!!!
OMG!!! CONGRATS ON MAKING IT 2 THE ALCS!!! all of u played a great game! jason varitek was awesome when eliminating that squeeze play! i was like on the edge of my seat when that happened! jon lester pitched a great game (as always!). jacoby u were great last night 🙂 as well as the other guys! u all have great confidendce and r always “in it to win it” i hope all is well with lowell, i hear he is in a lot of pain from his hip. i cant wait for the game on friday, those rays r really tough, but i kno we can beat them!!! enjoy ur days off, u deserve it! you’ve had a great season this year! good luck in everything!

What an incredible game!!!! So excited you won…even though I saw the first 5 innings twice before I could see the end of the game!!!! TIVO can be a curse as well as an assest!!! Good luck to all the boys and do me a favor by sweeping the Rays. They need to be brought down a peg or two…

omg jacoby i absolutely love you…congrats on a great game and on a great series…you are an amazing player and i know you will do great in this next series…i would write more about how much i love you but that could take a long time…best of luck in Tampa!!! xoxo

Congrats on a big win Jacoby, you’s deserve it. You had a great series yourself, your a great exciting player and im glad your on our side.

Hi, the team is playing really great, no matter the regular seasson, the playoffs are other thing.
I jummping and screamming when Lowrie hits the ball and Bay scoring the winning run, all the series was amazing, and the way you playing the center field, Woooooouuuu!!!! I take out my cap and clap you, i send you Jacoby and the Red Sox all my cheers, all the red magic for the upcoming series

Lets gooooo Red Sox!!!!!!!!, from Mexico

You guys are doing awesome! Alllllways keeping it exciting for us hahah. Love you guys!
Keep it up! EMBARRASS the Rays!!!!!!!!!!!
– Your BIGGEST fan from PA,

Why didn’t you blog after game 3? I notice that Torii Hunter blogged even after losses. But in looking over your blog it is only the victories that have posts. I would have liked to have had a sense of your reactions after a loss as well. Posting entries only after victories is…well…rather easy and a little cheap.

Seems a bit of a gap to me.

Hi Jacoby, I just wanted to say that was an awesome game last night. You guys really know how to keep us fans on the edge of our seats! My birthday is tomorrow, and I couldn’t think of a better birthday present! Congrats on making the ALCS! Thank you guys so much! Now lets get those Rays!
You’re #1 fan in Colorado

i love you, Jacoby! you’re a tremendous player and you give it all you’ve got, and you had an amazing series!!! congrats on making the ALCS and thanks for taking your time to blog for fanatics like us to read (:
good luck in Tampa!

What an exciting series, but I don’t even think this series will even compare to the ALCS coming up. Good luck in that one, and looking forward to hear more of your insight.

Red Sox Ramblings: http://thevendahhh.mlblogs.com

I had a dream Sunday night that you were telling me how mean Jed Lowrie was????….weird. Anyways, now I realize it was his MEAN rbi that won the game. hahaha


Atta boy kid.

Great work but you’re not done. As a former college player there is not much I can offer you other than to trust in the process….pitch by pitch – inning by inning – game by game. There’s nothing wrong with a chip on your shoulder. Play YOUR game, stay focused. There are millions of fans behind you boys….do your thing.

Congratulations Jacoby and all Red Sox fans all over the world. I am from Barcelona, Spain and I can follow the games on live thanks to MLB.TV… but not at our regular sleeping time of course, the last game was at 2,30AM and I follow the final innings when I wake up to go to work!!!! I was so happy!!!!!

LET’S GO RED SOX AND LET’S GO SPEEDY JACOBY!!!!!!!!!!!! You are the best of XXI Century!!!!!!!! KEEP WATCHING

It will be incredible if you are able to repeat Wold Series!!!!! It is a touch of your hands. Last effort!!!!!!!


Congratulations to all you guys have accomplished this year. You rock!!!! Jacoby, my whole family loves to watch you play, and we are always amazed at your speed!! We even named our cat after you!!!
Good luck in the next series and stay cool–stay focused and everything else will fall into place.

RED SOX RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Jacoby! You and the rest of the team have just proven that if you can beat the Angels, the best team in baseball, you can beat anybody. Here’s hoping you all can grind it out again in the ALCS en route to the World Series!

Great Blog Jacoby it is great to see you play you are like a superman out there with your diving saves good to seeing you swing a hot bat. Lets get Red Sox Nation and the Team to kick some TB butt down there will be supporting you in the stands GO SOX!

Great Blog Jacoby, it is great to see you play you are like a superman out there with your diving saves good to seeing you swing a hot bat. Seen you hit a home run in Fenway this year thanks for that and hoping for more. Lets get Red Sox Nation and the Team to kick some TB butt down there will be supporting you in the stands with my loud mouth GO SOX!

I can finally breathe for a few days…I feel like I have been holding my breath and hoping for the best since the playoffs started. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we come out on top again this year. Good Luck!


Thanks for posting Jacoby!!! Congrats on the ALDS victory!!! Start stretching, cuz we’re gonna need you to steal bases like crazy down in TB… but we know you can do it!!!

Two years playing for the Sox and possibly 2 World Series rings to go with it.

What are you and Dustin going to do for an encore!

Good luck in Tampa! Let’s steal 2 and win it all at home for the first time in a long, long time! (last 2 WS clinchers were on the road in St. Louis and Colorado)

Woot Woot!! ALCS here we come!! Let’s take down the Rays…the postseason is our turf…they better learn that this time around…

Congratulations!!! LET’S GO RED SOX!!!

Great pictures, Jacoby! I’ve been a huge fan since Day 1, and all of us out here in CA wish you and the Boston Boys the very best of luck in the ALCS vs. those pesky Rays! You are an amazing athelete, and as you have shown us, an amazing person off the field as well. Grit, patience, determination and talent have brought you all to this pivotal point, and Red Sox Nation could not be more proud of our beloved SOX. Can’t wait for Friday, Jacoby! You are a wonder to watch. Thanks so much for all the great moments so far, and for all the awesome ones still to come. All the best to you and the guys…Amy in CA.

way to go jacoby, congradulations I started to get worried I thought the curse was back for a moment. good luck in the next round I’m sure you will need it, those rays are really tough.

jocoby do you think you guys have any chance in the next round, because I cant figure out how you guys are going to win a game.

Okay guys real simple:

One game at a time – you’ve been here before , just remember be like Nike….”Just Do It”

Your biggest fan in Pennsylvania.

Hey Vinsinkin,

Careful now …we may have to put a curse on you …blogg your own site – we don’t need your negative tude dude.

All I can say is thank goodness we have young players like Ellsbury, Pedroia, Lester, and Lowrie who are just so hungry and fight just as hard as the veterans. You would think these boys have been playing in the league for years and years. They are such hard workers and it truly is a sight to see. Thank you to these young guys for being just one more reason that makes the Red Sox and Red Sox Nation amazing! Good Luck against the Rays boys!

If by chance you read comments here. I have a great T-shirt w/you and your accomplishments on it, made by your cousin Corey that I’ll be wearing Friday night. You’re doing great. Everyone (in Sox/CRIT/Navajo Nation) is cheering you on, Ells.

Hey Jacoby,
I live in Saint Petersburg and I am A huge RAYS FAN and have been for years ( even when we were the doormat of the AL East) however just wanted to send congrats 2U. Regardless of my allegience. Man, it’s a pleasure to watch you play. enjoy the ride…. Jeff

Hi Jacoby,
I have been a fan since I was a young girl.. I have watched the Red Sox since the late 1970’s when Jim Rice and Fred Lynn played !! Yes, since I was 8.
You guys ROCK !! The Red Sox is unlike any other team in the league. You have reversed the curse !!
You guys are HOT.. sizzling HOT !!

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