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Exhaustion and Excitement

ellsburydrew550x250.jpgThe best thing about an exhausting game like that is just to be able to come out on top. Emotions are running high. They come back and tie it up. J.D. Drew gets that huge home run to put us up in the top of the ninth and Kevin Youkilis makes a great catch to pull that foul ball out of the stands, and Pap finished it off.

It takes a lot out of you when you’re tied after having that 5-1 lead early. We knew coming into the series that it was going to be like this — that the games would be down to the last out. So even though they came back, it wasn’t surprising for us.

Even when we’re up early, our only objective is just to add to the lead. We knew 5-1 might not hold the way they execute and with the hitters they have in their lineup.

I thought Dice-K did what he had to do tonight — he got to Oki, who had a big inning and then Masterson came in and did a tremendous job. Our bullpen showed a lot of guts. The Angels kept coming and our guys did a tremendous job once again. They’ve been solid. A game like that, you have to rely on them, and it was nice to see them come through.

ellsburyswing275x375.jpgWhat can you say about J.D.? Just a great job. He made that great catch and hit the homer. If not for that, we still might not be playing right now. It’s nice to get on that plane up 2-0, but we still have a lot of work left.

When the Angels finally tied it and then we took the lead right back, it fired everyone on our team up and silenced their crowd. I’m sure it takes a little wind out of them. A playoff game like that, you get a one-out homer in the ninth of a tie game and of course we’re going to be fired up.

It’s definitely nice to have the 2-0 lead. We’ve done everything we could up to this point. But there’s still a little baseball left.

Now we get to Fenway, but it’s going to be a grind, just like these last two games.

We get Josh Beckett back for Game 3. We’ve put ourselves in good position. We need to come out just like we did in Game 1 and again tonight.

It’s a long flight home tonight, but it’s so much shorter after a win.