Catching A Game 1 Win in Anaheim

ellsburydiveonground550x250.jpgFirst of all, it was a big win for us as a team, and that’s what is most important. As for me, I had an eventful night at the plate, getting three hits and stealing a couple of bases. But what I’ll remember is the diving catch in center field.

Not that I knew it was going to end up being a catch.

We were holding that 2-1 lead in the bottom of the eighth, and Mark Teixeira breaks his bat and bloops one to shallow center.

Did I think I was going to catch it? To be honest, no. I came in running full speed, and I
kind of glanced down at shortstop Jed Lowrie, thinking maybe he had a shot at it, hoping he
had a shot at it. I just kind of kept my head down and went for it and felt
like I kind of kicked in a different gear midway through that.

You’re just hoping to get there. I’m kind of peeking at Lowrie
and making sure we don’t collide. It’s loud out there, it’s the playoffs. Even if someone calls
for it, you’re probably not going to hear him, so you just have to be aware of
where he’s at. It ended up being a big out.


I really don’t get too fired up about diving catches, but I was
pretty fired up about that one. Late in the game like that, playoff time.
First out of the inning. You kind of want to kill a potential rally. I’ve made some nice catches this year, but this one was
definitely my favorite one of the year.

I was just hoping my arm could
reach out long enough. I didn’t know if I had enough reach in my glove, but I made
it. I looked at it for a second and I had it, so I just made sure to secure it.

Even though I had a good night, the biggest thing for me is we won. It would have been all for
nothing if we lost.

One reporter was asking me after the game what my speed was in track. I told him my split time in college one
time at Oregon State, running the 60. was 4-2. That’s not official. But put that in there. It
might have been 4-1, I don’t know. I love to run the bases though. It puts a little stress on the defense

This is a great time of year.  I try to have fun with it. Go out there, play hard,
leave it on the field. It sounds pretty simple. I try to make everything as
simple as possible.

We got a great start from Jon Lester tonight. Jason Bay had a
big home run and we got some insurance in the ninth. It was a great way to start the series.

We had a nice win tonight, now a day off tomorrow. It would be
nice to get both games here but it’s going to be a battle. They’re a great



    Wow. Great game last night Jacoby. You did about everything! You had a double your first at bat, a triple, some singles, a couple stolen bases, and to top all of that, an amazing catch in center. I’ll admit it reminded me a little bit of game 3 of the World Series. It was your night, well and Jon Lester’s too. He pitched really well. Good luck on Friday!


    You are Awesome, which is why I named my 3 month old son… Jacoby Macabe! I am still waiting to find him an Ellsbury jersey in his size. I look forward to watching you play THROUGHOUT the month!! 😉


    Jacoby: Great catch! (Not to mention nice job at the plate – should be 4-5 with a triple!) I wasn’t sure you were going to catch it either! You sure do take it to the next level when it is playoff time! All the Best and Best of Luck to you and your team in your drive to defend your championship! This long time Sox fan will be glued to every one of your games and pulling for you all the way! Go Sox!

  4. brazilbosoxfan1

    Great game Jacoby. You have been a pleasure to watch develop this season. Always a great fielder and runner. But it was great to watch you work through the challenge of seeing major league pitching night after night, especially when they found a spot to pitch you. But the past month proves you’ve worked through that and now I expect you are going to have a .350 plus play-offs . . . and how about a good 10 stolen bases in the post season! You make it happen at the top of the order!


    Great game, Jacoby! Way to start things off with the double. All your patience and hard work are paying off at just the right time.


    What a great game last night!!! The whole team played hard and made a great win! You definately have my vote for Rookie of the Year! Keep up the good work! We will be rooting for you guys, as always, here in Kentucky! Go Sox, Rock October!!


    Thanks for the win on my birthday. Keep the intensity up Jacoby and tell Lester that his comeback from cancer to become a dominate playoff pitcher is a truly motivational story that has showed me that no obstacle is too great to keep you from achieving your goals.


    Way to go Jacoby, you are such a great defensive center fielder, I always feel like you can catch it.

    It’s also super nice to see you getting tons of hits, you look like you are in a really good place right now at the plate, your confidence is back and it shows.

    Keep up the good work and we will love you win or lose….

  9. haveagansett

    Great game last night. Boston finally showed what they can do when it really counts. Jacoby is the catalyst, as was in evidence yesterday. The Sox have everything they need to win it all, as long as they don’t get victimized by shoddy umpiring. I’m looking for our guys to really dig their heels in behind Dice-K tomorrow night and come back home in position to close it out. Good luck Sox!

  10. A nation to die for

    Wicked awesome game last night! Nice job Jacoby! You are always a pleasure to watch. You always make that great catch! The best lead of guy too! You’re amazing!!

  11. concordsoxfan

    Jacoby, I’m so glad you are on our team! It has been thrilling to watch you play from your first MLB game, and I’m looking forward to watching you as you continue to play and develop. What talent you have!! FANTASTIC job last night!

    ALL THE WAY, SOX!!!!

  12. jbabe4683

    hi jacoby!!! u guys played an awesome game last night and i enjoyed watching it!!! u made a great catch in center feild! i love how u go to the extra mile to make sure u catch that ball (even if it means u have to roll around in the grass! lol) u continued with ur hitting streak and show lots of confidence when u play!!! enjoy ur day off and good luck to u and the others in friday nights game!!! 🙂

  13. hecolo_

    Jacoby what a great game you had. You have showed us all that you are the complete package. I admire the way you play and appreciate the game of baseball. I have not seen a player like you since Jeter came on the seen. But like someone has said before me, You are now Mr. October or Mr. Baseball as I would like to call you. Keep it up. You are leaving more than an impression on a new generation of young players. Thanx!

  14. soxgirl46

    Hey Jake! You had such an amazing game last night! I am unbelievably happy about how well you have come back from that slump that you had! Ending the season with an 18 game hitting streak and then beginning the playoffs with a 3 hit, 2 SB, amazing diving catch night, I couldn’t ask for more!

    As you said, what’s even more important and that you guy’s won game 1.

    Good luck in game 2 tomorrow!



    For me, a fairly new baseball fan, the very best thing about the Sox making it to the post season is getting to watch you play a few more games. I’m hoping it’ll be all of them, right up to that game that gets the team another set of rings! You’ve got a fantastic energy, and a sense of *glee* that you bring to the game that’s really refreshing, and great to watch. It’s like there’s no where else you’d rather be, or anything else you’d rather be doing. It’s wonderful! Congrats on the spectacular catch last night, an excellent game, and I hope you and your teammates have another win on Friday.

  16. dmathers

    (RE: one of the first comments) ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!?! I know people who named their dog Jacoby . . . BUT YOUR SON!!! Listen people, Ellsbury is great; exciting to watch both in the field and on the basepaths. But he’s young and is going to have a long career, and there’s a very good chance he someday goes to another team . . . maybe even THE YANKEES. Yikes!

    Should have named your son Yastremski . . . or Pesky.

    Go Sox!



    Wow! You’re right, you have made some nice catches all season, but this one, WOW, what a catch!!! You were on fire last night. Now, take a breath and get ready for tomorrow. I’ll be watching!



    Dude, you “should” be proud of that catch; I, myself, am in complete Awe. You really looked amped up on the basepaths too; It’s really cool that you’re taking the time to blog for the fans when everything must be so overwhelming. Stay loose out there !


  19. stsunami

    That catch was awesome. Time for you guys to set a new record for consecutive postseason wins against a single team, 10th straight over the Angels last night dating back to ’86 ties the record that Oakland set against the Red Sox in ’88, ’90 and ’03. You guys rock!


    Jacoby— you and all the awesome guys from Boston make me remember how much fun it was to be a kid… I wish I could see you live in Boston, but you are an awesome player to watch no matter if it is live or in front of the TV or even on … Bring it home again this year and make Bostonians proud of you guys again… lots of love to all of you!!!

  21. fenwaywst

    Great start for the ALDS, keep setting the table for the Sox all the way through the WS. This year don’t let Theo pour a beer over your head after game 4, you have the celebration experience now so get him before he gets you.


    It’s SO nice of you to keep us updated on your thoughts and happenings in the games. Much appreciated! Regarding the game…
    Bravo! I was so amped for the game last night, and for you to step it up and basically be the heart of the team in Game 1 of the ALDS… wow. Your plate appearances were tremendous. You weren’t kidding when you said you have confidence now. I was cheering from the first minute to the last! And my GOODNESS, that catch! Absolutely phenomenal game. We look forward to many more like it! You make the game itself so exciting because you just have it all, Mr. October. Congratulations, and on behalf of all Red Sox fans, thank you! 🙂

  23. jonolyndon

    ‘allo J.
    Love the Blog (well written), not as much as the Game, of course. I don’t tend to read Blogs but U are one of the more charismatic players to come along in baseball & (fortunately) to Boston in a long time, & (finally) the 1st NATIVE AMERICAN and I’m sure you’re proud of that. But in the end, it’s Baseball! I like what you stated: that winning “the Game” was more important than that obviously amazing Catch: that the catch was your favourite of the entire season, espc. considering the time & the fact it did slow down the Angels’ offense a bit. I think Masterson is going to be a future Master of the Game, but he had a lot of luck in the 8th w/ plays like yours & Youkastremskis’! Youkalis, of course. There’s another guy, and heck, let’s go all the way back to Johnny Damon and the rest of the Cowboy Idiots of ’04, before Johnny made the ultimate Boston sin (I still remember Damon for what he did for Boston and forgive him his foolish ways, heh! I’m not a Pro-Baseball so I cannot answer for him and I really wish Boston fans would stop Booing him: Forget & Forgive & Remember, but now I’m getting off track). Basically Boston, I feel, is about charismatic players, and like you, Kevin Youk is another. I’ve come to juxtapose his name w/ the Great Yaz as I feel Kevin is the Greek Yastremski of this team. Everyone of you guys play your part to a degree of unorthodox excellence. It was sad to see Manny go on such a sour note, sad to see him go period, but then a blessing in saying hello to Bay. And Bay is causing Boston to say “Manny who?”. That’s nice and everything, but you played w/ Manny when he was happy, know that he helped bring 2 rings to this desperate team, now a team of domination… to a degree, of course (Putting that unfortunate negativity aside, I believe U guys would’ve won 100 games this year, but “You’re In!” & Post__ IS a different animal than regular Season) . As far as fans calling you “Mr. October”, with no disrespect to U or all the fans who R calling you that: sorry, but that honor will always be immortalized in Reggie Jackson! Can’t change that. I’m a Boston fan Black & Tan, through all the Blues & Jazz. Hate the Yankees w/ a certain degree of Love & Respect & Jackson was giving that accolade before you were even born, heh! I understand the feeling, heck, you seem to really turn it on in October… You proved it last year, thank you, and Game 1 versus a phenomenal Angels’ team thus far this year; and extending an amazing Hitting Streak (again!). Please, continue having “fun” ’cause that seems to be what makes you tick! And I’m sure you will… Boston native John Cena, who was a teen running around wearing a Red Sox cap before the Rays ever even had a conception of a team, made a most disrespectful, slightly fun, I suppose, comment in a phone call to Sean Casey the other day… something that should help pup you guys up! The Rays also took Game 1. Here’s hoping you guys can continue your winning ways, meet & beat the heck out of the Rays and make Cena eat his words – I mean no disrespect to the Rays as a team, either, or their slowly evolving fan-base. That’s what the call was mostly about, that Boston fans are more passionate about the Sox than Tampa fans are about the Rays. But that’s just pure honesty… I hope Tampa finally realize they have a Team to be proud of, and I hope you guys give them their last stop on your Team’s way to a Third World Series Title in Five Years! Fenway Fans are the most Passionate! (Is that 4.1 Seconds Track Time in the 60 Yard Dash? I believe I ran that at 5.9 back in ’81!). Again: Amazing catch! Continue hitting those Doubles and keeping the opposition a bit off w/ your Flash ways… “Cheers!” ~jon Lyndon


    Hey Jacoby,

    Great job in game one and please keep it up tonight! Back in postseason form again I see. How could you not think you would make that catch? Some of us never had a doubt. We look forward to having you guys back home again. Hopefully with a nice 2-0 lead.

    Good Luck!!



    Great catch in center, awesome night at the plate, all around a great team effort to pull off a win against as you said a very good ballclub. You guys are still making it look easy without Manny Ramirez, by getting Jason Bay, and having other banged up guys. I just want to know how is it to be a young guy getting put right into the postseason for the second straight year. Are you nervous at all because it seems like during pressure situations you just play better. How has this major league experience overall been for you so far? You are definitely my favorite player and I’m a ballplayer myself and I think you make baseball really entertaining and fun even for people who don’t even like to watch it! Thanks for another great regular season and good luck in the rest of the postseason.


  26. npyankeefan


    Congratulations on a great Game 1. Hey, I knew you were going to catch that ball by the determined look on your face. Glad to see you are batting strong again as last October. It is exciting to watch you play. I thought you were going to have an inside the park home run in Game 1 You must have set a record for home to 3rd in a post season game.

    Someone on this post suggested that Mr. October was already taken by Reggie. We could call you Sir October!!

    I am a fan of another team but have followed your play all season. I even rallied my friends to vote for you as a write-in for the All Star game. At the first of this season I sent articles about you to my friends all over the country so they would know about you. Unfortunately, everyone is not as big a baseball fan as I am but I was able to get some fans for you.

    And do I have a granddaughter for you – she is in college in Virginia. Another thing, my son Jeff was born in Woodland California, Pedroia’s home town. Small world.

    Good luck to you and the team today. I will look forward to watching you play for years to come – you have that great natural ability that will serve you well.

    Go Jacoby!

    Sarah (Nez Perce)


    My father was born and raised in Boston and loved the Red Sox, unfortunately he passed away in 1992 and never saw the Sox win a world series. He would have loved you guy’s and would have been very proud of you.

  28. uclefty45

    I’m a police officer on the west coast so I dont get to see every game due to shifts and such, but I was wondering why you always slide into 2nd feet first? Every game I’ve seen you steal a bag, you’ve gone feet first, and sometimes it’s cost you the steal…I played college baseball and I don’t remember anyone sliding feet first into second on a straight steal. Just thought I’d get your, or anyone insight on that…

  29. dudolo

    Great job, Jacoby!!! I knew you were going to make that catch, you definetely are one of the best outfielders in the game and if you keep hitting the ball like you are doing right do you will certainly be one of the best in the business for a long time. Thank you very much for what you are doing for us and good luck for game 2 from Italy

  30. mandachan

    fantastic catch and overall awesomeness in the game! can’t wait for tonight’s game and the fenway half!


    from – Jacoby, you have two devoted fans who have been following you with great interest for over a year now. We wish you every kind of success and hope you’ll be around Boston for a long, long time!
    Of these two fans, one is human, myself. The other, who even knows your name is not human but a member of the parrot family…. my Cockatiel, Cosmo Tology Bjorn Toppertiel. I need every one of those names when he is naughty…. one middle name was enough, at first, then he selected “Bjorn” (means “bear” in Danish and is the name of a Danish friend) himself. He loves watching baseball – Red Sox games. He picked up your name and says it in his own way; “Akobeme Essberee”. Don’t take it seriously…. it’s pretty good for a bird whose entire family cannot pronounce the ‘j’ or soft ‘g’ sound! He roots for you on the base paths by screeching “wiggle” which, to him, means “hurry up!” When there is a run scored he bangs on his cage bars or his perch with great enthusiasm. So, you and the whole team have a very unusual “fan” watching with great enthusiasm and interest every game! He hopes he brings you all kinds of luck this year and in all the years to come – for you there should be many!!

  32. bosoxrockx

    hey jacoby congrats on your awesome game last night!!! way to wipe the smiles off the angel fans faces! good luck tonight and for the rest of the series, hopefully you can steal another base in the world series and the everyone free tacos again (:
    you rock!!!!!
    -bosox fan in indiana


    Fans are ready for a long October it was great to see you come up the end of last season and light things up. America is looking for a free taco and Boston Fans know you’re our man for that. Keep stealing every base they haven’t nailed down and another world series ring is not too far off!

  34. pawsoxfan


    I really missed watching you play in Pawtucket this year, but I wouldn’t wish you back there for the world. You have proven that you richly deserve to be where you are right now, and I am so excited for you whenever you make a spectacular play (which is often). Congratulations, man! You are one of the most exciting players to watch in baseball, and have helped to bring the joy back to the game for people like me. And how, oh how, I love this game. Thank you for your part of that. Good luck in the playoffs– we’re rooting for you back in RI!


    I got the interview you did in the middle of the year and read it several times. For those who doesn’t know,Jacoby wears the sleeve(on his left arm) for luck it is the same one he has always worn:) You definately deserve a Gold Glove for all your hard work in the outfield this year! I am the BIGGEST Red Sox/Jacoby Ellsbury Fan in Connecticut!!!
    Great job this past year. Keep it up, I’d love to see you in the Red Sox Parade this year.

  36. dwest

    Hey Jacoby,
    Great game Wednesday night. You all looked so ready for the postseason and Red Sox Nation knows that nothing will stand in your way. Tonight (Sun. night) is game three and all I can say is play hard and never let up. There is absolutely no reason that the Angels should have any fire in them to come back and win. Crush this team of “Angels” will you please because to me you are the only “Angel” that is playing baseball. Good luck tonight and we’re all behind you 100%.

    “If not us, who? If, not now when?”

  37. dowl

    Jacoby I know you will be ready for anything even if you do not start. You are a valuable member of this team and that slump is temporary. If you play tonight you could have a good game. If you dont start I bet you will pinch run which could be huge!
    I am a huge Red Sox fan and I am praying for a win tonight.
    Good Luck Joyce Dowling


    I’ve been spreading the Red Sox love since I moved to Central OR from the east coast. Nothing like having the pride of Madras to keep it home…Incredible start to an awsome career, my friend! Keep up the stellar performance.
    Ron (Bend)

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