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Win Or Go Home


Coming into this game, we felt confident. Half the battle
was just believing in the first place that we could come back from 3-1, that we
still had a shot.

We did it again tonight, just like in Game 5, though it
didn’t have to be quite so dramatic this time.


It’s a lot nicer to play like this than to have to come
back from 7-0 down in the bottom of the seventh inning. You never know what can
happen, but it is nice to have the lead going to the latter part of the game.

You have to love what Josh Beckett did for us tonight. He
was tremendous. He only gave up four hits against a team that has been swinging
the bats great. He gave us exactly what we needed and kept us in the ballgame.
He’s obviously not 100 percent right now, but every person on this team still
believes in him and still has confidence when he takes the ball.

The one thing about Josh is that you always know he’ll
give us everything he has, and that’s all you can really ask for.

It was also great to see Jason Varitek get that big home
run. Sure, he was in a slump, but he keeps on grinding out his at-bats and he
got a reward there. When you’re a good hitter, that’s going to happen, so it was
nice to see him roll again.

We got the feeling of what it’s like to play in Game 7
last year. Everything is on the table. It’s win or go home. I guess it’s been
like that for us the last few games, but now it’s that way for both teams. It’s
going to be another great atmosphere tomorrow.

Obviously we like having Jon Lester out there in Game 7.
He’s pitched very well for us all year. I can’t wait for Sunday night to get here.