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Turning The Page After A Tough Loss


It definitely would have been nice to come out of here
up 2-0. It’s just unfortunate we couldn’t get this one tonight, but we’re already
thinking about Game 3.

This one was a long, exhausting game. The way it started
off, you thought it would be high scoring the whole night. The ball was just
flying out of the park.

But it got tight at the end and it was hard for either
team to do much. Relief pitching did a great job.


It was nice to get on Scott Kazmir early, but it was just one
of those games. It just didn’t quite go our way. We’ll be ready to get the win
on Monday night.

I had that one at-bat earlier in the game where I tried
to bunt the ball and it slammed me in the helmet. That could have been bad if
you wear it in the face or the nose or the eye. It gave me a headache, but it
could have been worse. I’m fine now.

Everyone wanted to know what happened with Josh Beckett
tonight, but it’s hard for me to tell from right field. When I’m in center
field, I have a little bit better read on where the pitches are missing, or if
they are. He’ll pitch again and I’m sure he’ll pitch well, so we’re not

We have Jon Lester going in the next game and he’s been
throwing so great, so we have that to look forward to.

The one thing we do on this team is shake off a tough
loss. We’ll get on that plane and forget about the game. Short-term memory is