We Played With Heart


It’s definitely not a good feeling, but you can’t dwell on
it. Just get better because of it and make another run at it next year.


It was a very good series and a great Game 7 of the ALCS.
We’re going to keep our heads high, after battling back the way we did and
giving ourselves a shot to win it tonight. We played hard. Just fell a little
short tonight to the Rays.

Even when Jed Lowrie is up with two outs in the ninth and
we’re down by a couple, everyone still felt like we had a shot. Anything could
have happened. He could have hit a home run, could have got on base. We were in
the game and gave ourselves an opportunity to win, and that’s all you can do.

We played with a lot of heart. We have nothing to hang
our heads about at all. A lot of guys did a tremendous job as a team to get to
this point.

Now that it’s over, I’ll let the body recover a little
bit and go in the offseason and work hard, and build on it and just get better.
I know I can get a lot better. This was my first full season, going through all
of it. I’ll take a lot of the knowledge I gained this year and take it into
this offseason, this Spring Training and into the regular season next year.

Last year was such a whirlwind for me and it ended so
well. Now I know what it takes to go through a full season and go through the
ups and downs.

As a team, we played very well all year, even with all
the injuries we had. Hopefully we can build on this for next year.



Tonight was definataly tough on me. However I know that I have no right to say that because all of you experiened the loss first hand. I was pretty upset. Not because you guys lost, but because I knew that the season was officially over, and that I would just have to wait until next season to see you guys play again. This was a great season, you guys battled through so much. You lost key players because of injuries but you didnt let that get you down, you continued to fight and you guys made it to game 7 of the ALCS which is more than I could ask for. Lester had a great night on the mound, unfortunately Garza did too. It’s okay though, the 2008 season for you guys may be officially over; but the 2009 season is right around the corner and I can’t wait to see what it has in store for Red Sox Nation.

Lindsay =)

My wife is going to give birth to our daughter in January, and we’ve been saying all season long how amazing it would be to bring her into the world with the Red Sox as world champions. After watching you guys play in the ALCS, we revised that wish. We hope that at some point in her life, our daughter will know the pride that we have shared in watching your team- our team- and understand what it means to never give up… not when you’re down three games to none; not down seven runs in the seventh… every member of the Nation is proud of you all and we thank you for an amazing 2008… GO SOX!!!
PS: we’re naming her Tessie. See you next year!

I just want to thank every single one of you guys for such a great season.. Despite all the problems and injuries, every single one of you played with great heart, from the end of March right throughout the season..

I’m so proud to be a Sox fan, and I know we’ll have a great year next year..

And Jacoby, I think you had a terrific rookie year.. Congrats! The only way is up, from here.. You’re amazing. : )

Go Sox! Here’s to a great 2009.

I was sad that you guys lost this year, but that only means one thing. You guys are going to come back stronger next year! thank you guys for giving everyone such great games, and plays all year long. I love you guys to death, win or lose. It happens. I hope to see you, Jacoby next year on the Red Sox! your my absolute favorite player! I also would like to congrats the team for a awesome year! Your the best!


Red Sox have huge hearts! Everyone gave their all and then some. My thanks for a great season, despite the injuries and set backs, the team stood together as one.
Now looking forward to 2009 and another great year from the Sox :o)
Thank you all for making this a great season!!
Lifetime Fan, Ro

Thanks GUYS! You all did play with HUGE hearts (here in Hull it’s as though we could hear the beats coming from your dugout during the last few innings)…Hopefully all will be back stronger next year and give us all another great season in ’09!
Enjoy the off season – stay well – and see ya in Spring Training!

You guys have no reason to hang your heads at all. You pushed them to Game 7! You won Game 5 at home in typical Red Sox Postseason style. You showed them you were a championship team, and you reminded us all never to give up. I know I was right there with you all with two outs in the bottom of the ninth thinking…we still have a chance…cus with you guys, we do. Don’t know any other team that has ever had that magic….

Enjoy the time off and we’ll meet you back here next year….AND RESIGN VARITEK!

GO SOX 2009

Y’all did play with so much heart all year…there’s a nice sincerity to the way you guys play, and I am just so grateful to see you take the field, night after night. Comebacks are fun and losing isn’t…but the momentum brought to this series was just amazing and so fun to be a part of (as a fan who diligently performed my ALCS rituals for you, I feel as though I, too, played a role : ) )

I’m enjoying thinking about the Red Sox rockin’ out in 2009… Hope you have a great offseason and I can’t wait to see you out there next year!

It was a tough game tonight. You guys did your best. Garza was tough though. Although, I believe some of his pitches should have been considered balls I was not too happy about how the umpire called the play. I was also upset with Garza almost hitting some of our players and then definitely hitting his mark with Pedroia. I must congratulate all of you for making it all the way through the 7th game of ALCS and playing with a lot of heart and spectacular performance. Each and everyone of you are champions and Red Sox Nation look forward to winning in 2009.

What an absolutely amazing series this was! You guys played so hard, I thought that this would have been more of a crushing defeat for us in Red Sox Nation, but seeing how hard you guys worked to get to that 7th game (and to get to the ALCS period), we can all walk with our heads held high because we have the team with the most heart, hands down! Just thinking about this series makes me feel kind of warm and fuzzy on the inside, I’m so happy to part of The Nation. 🙂 The only bad part is knowing I have to wait until April to see you guys again :p

Congratulations on a great year here, Jacoby, we’re all rooting for you in 2009 too!

It was hard to watch the game. The offense was not there at all for you guys. i wish you could have played and stuff but you know everything happens for a reason and yea.

I would like to Thank each and every player for the wonderful season that you all have treated me to.It was most enjoyable,
You have nothing to be ashamed of and everything to be proud of.It was a tough tough year.I have told people I know over and over I dont know how you all do it.Alot of fans do not realize how much effort is put into your positions.not only on the field but off as well.The toll it takes on you to travel for one.you still take care of your familys, all the fund raising events you attend on off days,practice,injuries,family matters,births-deaths.I still recall a hard go when Terry had to attend his mother (grandmother?) funeral.Mike L got hurt Youk was hurt.Josh got hurt and it went on and on neverending.The double header weekend with NY.God there was so much to handle.The shuffling after letting Manny go, and the mindset of the team prior to that.And look where you all ended up, a few runs away from going to the World Series.
I say you should indeed hold your heads up real High.
We love you all none the less.Im already planning for a humongously improved team next year.When we regroup and start fresh there will be no angst, and guess what?
we WILL be unstoppable (Jon P )
Take good care all see ya next year!enjoy the time off.its well earned.God Bless u All

This was an amazing series. The team played soo hard and you guys did your best. You guys have nothing to ashamed of. You fought back in order to be in Game 7. I am very proud of you and the team and I am proud to say that I have made plans to see you guys next year at Fenway Park.
I am a little upset Garza tried to hit Ortiz and others players
and then he hit Dustin.
I am sooo proud of how you guys handled yourselves this year.
You guys did great this year. So relax and enjoy the offseason and we will see you guys in Spring Traing.
You and everyone on the team are champions in my heart.
I will be rooting and cheering for the Red Sox in 2009.

A faithful fan born in NH but lives in MD

Thanks for a great year!!
It wouldn’t have been as much fun if it were easy!

Great great season! You have to know the bad to appreciate the good! We can’t win them all! I’m proud of every guy on the team, everyone gave it their all, and thats all anyone can ask for. I just can’t wait for next season! I wish Mike Lowell a successful surgery and speedy recovery!

The World Series is just another set of games , don’t get me wrong it’s fun to say you won it and got the ring and everything that goes along with it !!. But then you have to look at your record since the turn of the century, 2 World Series Wins , 2 World Series Sweeps, Record Runs scored against the opponent in most of those games, NO OTHER TEAM HAS DONE THAT OR WILL DO IT , not even the Rays !!. I can say you did amazing for all that you went through during the year to get to where you were with all of the players injuries. I can say alot about plays that should have been made too many players left on base , the slump hitting at the plate in key moments, but for now that’s all in the past, take a break , get some rest for a month or so and get back to batting practice . Can’t wait till 2009 , I predict 100 wins !!!….. GO REDSOX !!!!!!!!!!!………

Jacoby, thank you again for the time and extra effort you put into this Blog. I know it was one more thing for you to do tonight. Thank you also for all the joy and pride you brought to Red Sox Nation once again this year. I was fortunate to have tickets to the 9/23/08 Cleveland game and to see you wrap up a playoff spot.
There is a reason we are called Red Sox Nation. We are born to it, it’s in our blood, and it goes much deeper that being a fan or a player.
In any game, you either win or lose. You can never experience winning if you are not willing to experience loosing. That said, there are no loosers on the Red Sox. You are a team that brings more to it’s nation by playing than any other team does in winning. Thank you again.

THANKS for the season, and for a very good baseball fan’s series, taking it to game 7, to bad it didn’t turn out for the Nation.
I hope you consider doing another blog next year, you provided alot of insight to the game, seeing it through your eyes.
Will be cheering you all on next year again, which is only 6 months away.

Congratulations on a great season! Althought the loss on Sunday was disappointing, it was an amazing series! I have been an avid fan since 1967 and have seen the “best of times and the worst of times” over the years. The Red Sox of today are a team with heart, determination and a winning attitude. I know you will come back stronger and even more determined next year to treat all of us to another exciting season.
I think I speak for all of Red Sox Nation when I say we are proud of you and the way you played despite all of the adversity you faced this year with injuries and the Manny Ramirez soap opera.
Thanks again for a great year…cannot wait for the 2009 season to begin!

Hey Sox..
Thank You for a great season …your so awsome hold your heads high..you did a fantastic job!!You are still #1 to me


Hey Jacoby…

I will say this again and again…you guys are the BEST. I am so proud of all of you. Yea, Everyone likes to win. But the sox gave them a “fight of their lives” and it was not an easy win. I love all of you and I cant say enough great things about Tito. Will miss everyone and I look forward to April. Please, please, please sign Tek again for next year.


It was an awesome season, Thanks! I can’t wait until next season. Jacoby, you make us all so proud! You all played with heart and tried your best, that is all the true fans could ever ask. No one can say you should’ve done this, you should’ve done that……you guys are out there making it happen, and you guys did awesome to force Game 7. Have a great off season!

I was surprised that they didn’t put you in to pinch hit or run near the end. There was nothing to lose. The loss was tough to watch. But, as a Red Sox fan, we have been through much worse and we still stick with you guys. You had an amazing season and am already excited about next year. You all deserve some time off and I am sure that you all will work hard to make next year even better. This was an awesome season and I am so proud to be a Red Sox fan. See you next year!

As a Rays fan who has an enormous respect for the Bosox, I must say that this year has been a challenging year for both the Rays and the Bosox. Game 7 was definitely a nail biter that could have gone either way. After reading the blogs here I must say that apart from a wild pitch(which would be an accident) I don’t think it right for any pitcher to intentionally hit any player. It is not right in my book. I would hope that Garza and any other pitcher of ours was not intentionally trying to hit any Bosox player or anyone from any other team. Yet, it does happen. Longoria I believe was hit in the hand this year and was out for a while. It just doesn’t do the sport any good, and certainly doesn’t promote good sportsmanship. I am proud of our Rays for where they have come from this year, and hopefully where they will end up. I am incredibly impressed with the Bosox for their competitive play in the playoffs and with us this year. You never gave up, even with all of the changes and injuries. That is inspiring. I look forward to seeing these two great teams playing each other again in 2009. By the way, that game 5, when everyone thought that the Bosox were out of it, was one of the most amazing games that I have witnessed. It is truly a testimony to the great heart that the players of the Boston Red Sox have.

Ray – A Rays fan from St. Petersburg

From A LONGTIME Rays fan and St. Pete resident;

Jacoby… Awsome blog, Be proud as a team and as an individual, for humbling experiences only improve character and performance ( believe me, we rays fans know this from 10 years of bottom dwelling experience).
I attended 3 sox-rays games this season and all were spectacular, regardless of the outcome and a few obnoxious sox fans on our home turf. The AL east is now changed its composure for the next several years to come and that only strenghtens the best division in baseball… Enjoy your time off & thanks again for the professionalism your team ( or at least most ) has portrayed
Jeff In St. Pete-


No matter how sad I feel about the loss last night I know you guys are feeling it doubly maybe even trebly so. The awesome season you guys had is in no way diminished and I still think that the Red Sox are the best team in baseball. Maybe I say that because I love you guys too much (it’s creepy even for most of my sports fanatic friends). Have a great off season, take care of yourself and keep your head up. I know that in 167 short days you guys will be back, prepared and ready to win another World Series. I can’t wait until Spring when I can come to beautiful Boston, shop for my summer clothes, and once again, sit in the stands at Fenway yelling loud and proud for the most talented, and definitely most classy team in MLB. Thanks for the blog, it’s been great. God Bless.

EDW – Still crazy for the RED SOX!!!!! in Plano, TX


I didn’t know you had this little blog going on, I would have followed it!!!

Dude, I was bummed that you didn’t get to play the last couple of games, but you gotta go with who’s hot and coco was doing pretty good!

Everyone here in LA are soo proud of you! especially my mom, but you already know that haha!!! Have an awesome off season!! Love you Alexis p.s. my mom says hi.

I won’t lie I cried like a little girl when you guys lost last night. Especially during Terry’s speech about what a great group of guys you are and when Tek teared up when asked about his free agents status. You guys fought hard but I think this just wasn’t your year. The Ray’s outplayed you just barley but they did. That doesn’t take away from your amazing season and it doesn’t take away from everything you all overcame. The fact that you even go to game 5 was unbelievable. The loss was depressing as hell for all of you and for the entire Red Sox Nation but win or lose, we respect and love you guys no matter what. Weather you win the World Series next year or not for another 86 I will be a Sox fan for life. I have so much respect for you guys and am truly proud to call myself a Sox fan! I have no doubt that you guy’s will only come back better and stronger in the 2009 season. I’m counting down the days!

PS- Amazing first season… I was so proud of your hitting streak! You’re only going to continue to improve and learn over the years that you spend on the Red Sox =)

Hey Jacoby,

First of all, thank you for putting this blog together. I enjoyed following it but of course we all wish it had a happier ending! Although the team certainly shouldn’t be ashamed of the final outcome. It’s a miracle you all made it this far considering the circumstances. As for you, I know you will come back better and stronger next year. You’ll finally be a veteran (it seems like you have been a rookie forever!) with a full season behind you. For now though just go relax, take a nice vacation and we’ll see you in spring training!

Hi Jacoby,
Even though this series didn’t turn out the way we had hoped, I still believe the whole team gave it everything they had. That’s what I love about the Sox-you can never count them out until the last pitch is thrown. This was an incredible series-to me, this was the World Series.

Congrats on your first year as a rookie-you did fantastic, and I can’t wait to see you out there stealing bases!

Thanks for posting, it’s been wonderful to follow. And all of us here in Portland, OR are going to keep cheering you on!

Jacoby:) Was I the only one seeing you pace back and forth in the dug-out, ready to play. Damn Francona for not playing you! As far as I’m concerned, they don’t deserve you. This is how he managed you all year, put you in, take you out. He ruined the Rookie award for you. Doesn’t he realize your best baseball comes in a elimination game?? They should’ve had you and Crisp playing together on the field. Shall I go on?? As for the Rays, congrats! You are young, if you keep playing the way you do! Just wait until your team matures. Good job Garza!!

Jacoby:) Was I the only one who saw you ready to play by pacing back and forth in the dug-out?? As far as I’m concerned, they don’t deserve you. Francona.. you suck, you sell out!! All year you’ve been taking Jacoby out, put him back in, take him back out. You cost him his rookie of the year award. No wonder Manny Ramirez left.
Pedroia, Youk, Drew, Crisp, Varitek, Papelbon, Dice-K, Masterson, Okajima, Lester, Beckett, Lowry, Papi, Bay, ELLSBURY! You guys knocked our sox off all year.

Rays, congrats!! Garza, you had a good series. I’m happy for your team. Good luck in the World Series.

You guys did have a great year. I love that you all never gave up and continually did your best. :] &it’s true, during that whole game i was thinking “Boston has the habit of coming back so we can’t start getting too ready to celebrate just yet..”
well I congratulate you all on doing how you did. every red sox fan should be proud of you guys ! y’all[…] almost, yet again, had another come back from a 3 – 1 series.
Can’t wait to see you play again in 2oo9. :]

– allasyn

Congrats on a great season. I know last night was a tough loss, and I won’t lie, I definitely teared when it happened- but you guys made a great run to make it to game 7 of the ALCS. I’m more sad about the long wait until I get to see you all again in 2009. But keep your head up and remember that this loss doesn’t even compare to how we felt in 2003!

Dude, this season was amazing. The game on Thursday was the most incredible I have ever seen and it probably will be for a long time. You guys battled. Thanks for the season and doing this blog. We’ll see you next year!

All I can say is Thank You all for such a great season! You guys played unbelieveable, and you should all be proud! I am so sad today because I wanted you guys to win so bad, and I really thought you would. I think this Red Sox team deserved to win! I am also sad that I wont be able to see all of you until the spring! I hope you all have a wonderful off season, and we’ll get em next year!! Thanks so much for such an amazing season, and for such an incredible ALCS.

Jacoby, I’m thrilled to call myself a Red Sox fan today, thrilled that the Red Sox won game 5 and hung on to push this series to its limits.

I’m glad I discovered your blog, and I do hope you continue to do this throughout the offseason and next year. I think you’re the brightest of a batch of bright young MLB stars, and I’m looking forward to watching you for years to come. I’m glad you acknowledge that you had struggles this year, and I’m glad you haven’t let that get you down. It’s a natural part of growing and of learning. The fact that you acknowledge it and that you are planning to do whatever it takes to do better next year is what makes you great.

Thanks for the memories!
Misty http://mizzle.mlblogs.com

Jacoby, i have to warn you…this is going a very long and sappy comment:

i have to be honest…the only reason why i am a Red Sox fan is because of you…i saw you play for the Pawtucket Paw Sox about 2 weeks before your MLB debut…and on that day, i realized that i was going to be a huge fan of yours…after that game, i started to follow your baseball career, and i haven’t stopped since…watching you play this entire season has made me the happiest girl alive…this was the first season that i followed from beginning to end, and i couldn’t have asked for a better season…this year was an amazing year for you…whenever you would make an unbelievable catch in the outfield, i would get chills…you just amaze me…just knowing that i won’t be able to watch you play until next march kills me on the inside…i miss watching you play already…but after all is said and done, i just want to say thanks…i want to say thanks for playing your heart out all season and for bringing a smile to my face every game day/night…and i also want to say thanks for blogging throughout this postseason…reading your blogs helped me understand you more in depth and im really going to miss reading them…next season cannot come fast enough for me…get plenty of rest this off season and just enjoy yourself….well i guess i don’t want to waste anymore of your time.
carissa xoxoxoxoxoxo (infinite x’s and o’s)

Hey JE,
As disappointing as the loss was, not seeing you play the last 4 days was brutal. I LOVE watching you catch an impossible ball or run the bases like a greyhound! I missed that so much. I think Terry should have had you pinch run a few times but that’s water under the dam now. I hope you have a wonderful off season. Take some time to relax and get your strength back. I know you’ll find that swing again and be twice as valuable to the team next year. Thanks for blogging. It was a privilege to be able to share your thoughts. We love you, #46!
Lisa Z.

major bummer. you win some, you lose some, but you guys still did awesome this year.
here’s to a fantastic season this past year and good luck for 2009! tell the guys i said hello.

Hey Jacoby. I have been watching this ALCS fervently since we happened to play the worst-to-first Rays. Last night, in game 7, I totally agree with you. To be frank, I don’t really think you guys had anything left to put out there. You really gave it all you had. Struggles come and go. There’s always next year. Thank you SO much for this amazing 2008 run. Now we begin the long wait to the Sox open in 2009 at Fenway against who else: the Rays.

I literally got a headache watching the eighth inning last night and went to bed with it =/ but just wanted to let you know i wore my Jacoby Ellsbury Shirt today to let everyone at my school know that it’s not the end of the world that you didn’t make it to the world series 2 years in a row and that I thank the red sox and you for your hard work this year even if you didn’t play the last few games you’re still a great contribution to this team (and organization) I remember watching you play here in Portland, ME =]

Thanks for the exciting year
-William D.

ooh yea and did anyone notice how annoying Tampa bay fans are? I’m extremly glad its not like that at Fenway park with all the annoying cow bells and idiots with mohawks =p

thanks Jacoby for taking your time to blog almost everyday, even on the not so good nights, and staying positive throughout it all. i’m so sad this season over, im goinng to be in baseball withdrawal for the next few weeks =\
but anyway even though things could’ve gone better it could always be worse, we could be the yankees haha
can’t wait til next year

I would just like to say how proud I am to be a Red Sox fan! This may sound crazy but it’s like you all are family. You sit in my living room with me every night throughout the season – I encourage you all at each and every at bat or diving catch – I push for you guys to do well – I wince when you get hit or hurt or strike out for that matter. I feel as though you are all a part of my family – and as a member of my family I would like to say how very proud I am of all your accomplishments, collectively as a team. I hurt for my Boston Boys (as I call you) that you won’t be going to the WS this year but I’m incredibly proud of the fight you gave and I’ll miss you all in the offseason. Please tell Mike Lowell I’m praying for a speedy recovery for him. Good job out there this year!!!

PS. And tell Theo he just has to resign Tek it wouldn’t be the same without him!

Love you guys!

I admit, I had tears in my eyes at the end of the game, but you guys played great. The Rays just played a little bit better. I hated not seeing you play though. But it was an amazing season.
I’m VERY proud of you guys for making it this far. Only four teams do. With all the injuries and trades that happened this year, this is a huge accomplishment.
Thank you so much for a great season. I love every one of you.
And tell Theo that a 15 year old girl from Rhode Island(AKA me…) and thousands of other people want to see Jason Varitek back in a Red Sox uniform next year!
Thanks again for a terrific season!

Even though we will not end up with another ring, this was a great season. I am so proud of you and the Red Sox. Thank You for keeping the fans updated. This is just what the post season is about, teams going up and down and all the fans getting very emotional. I’ll admit it I did cry at first, but now thats over and we just have to get over it and accept it. Next year is another year. Have an enjoyable offseason. Can’t wait until next year!♥

You guys gave it all…..
not only by coming from behind on game 5,, but by also defending your title of champ*07
since the begining of the season,.
you guys mantained yourself enough for like to clinch the wild card,and made it to the ALCS.
all i can say is that next year is a brand new begining.
you guys played really well.@ least you guys fought back till the end.
Im proud of this team.!
(+Raymond E H.)

I think the Red Sox players should be holding their heads up very high. You all have played your hearts out given the fact that you have had a lot of injuries throughout the year. You have given us one hell of a season and as an avid fan, I’m extremely proud of every one of you!!! There’s always next year!! :0) Come back healthy and ready to kick some serious butt next year.


You and the boys had an AMAZING year. You guys played with more heart than ANYONE in the majors all year long. You persevered through injuries and scandals. You survived the “Manny” drama. The Boston Red Sox of 2008 are no less successful than Tampa, in my opinion. You guys are still number 1 to everyone in Sox Nation. I love all of you immensely. I’m already looking forward to next year. Hopefully you’ll be starting everyday again. You’re my favorite 😉 ♥ I’m so proud of EVERYONE in that clubhouse. Never hang your heads, ever. I love you, kiddo. Give my love to everyone. And tell Tek that we all want him back. I saw his interview last night. Give him a hug for me will ya? Congratulations on an INCREDIBLE year. I love you.

All my love and affection,


Thank you Jacoby and the entire team for a heck of a run. I can’t say I wasn’t hoping that yet another game 7 miracle was going to happen (hey, who wouldn’t be thinking that with bases loaded in the 8th???), but I am not bitter. This team went through so many injuries this year (and those are just the ones that were made public). I imagine that many more of these players were more than just a little “banged up” but, to a man, nobody in the locker room was making excuses or placing blame.

I’ll be waiting in line to get my ’09 tickets and following the team through the off season.

Bring back TEK!

This summer has been THE BEST summer of my life because of the Red Sox. I’m a Kid Nation Captain & got to make lots of new friends. I met reporters from NHK TV in Japan. I made friends with kids in Latin America through my Red Sox blog on MLB. The Kid Nation Captains are collecting winter coats for kids so they can stay warm this winter. I read a lot with Youks Reading Club. Win or lose the Red Sox are a big part of my life and I admire everyone of the guys because they play their best on the field and try to help people when they’re not playing. I loved watching every game I have been a Red Sox fan since I was 3 and saw my first game and I can’t wait until next year. And if anyone from the Red Sox reads this PLEASE RE-SIGN VARITEK!


I keep posting my thought to you today, but I cant stop thinking about my wonderful, amazing Redsox.

I think I am going to do the unthinkable right now and for once in my life show some emotion. Here I go……..this is so out of character for me…This is almost painful to do…..

1. Just thinking about you guys coming home last night on that cold, dark airplane just makes me want to cry…It must have been a difficult trip
2. Just thinking about you guys arriving at the fens this morning (so early) just makes me want to cry…it must of have been so emotional
3. Just thinking about Tek last night in his interview when he broke down just makes me want to cry….He has to come back next year.
4. Just thinking about Tito doing his interview last night just makes me want to cry…He was so professional and kept his composure.
5. Just thinking about Pedroia’s face late night when the final out was made just makes me want to cry…He seems like such a lovely individual.
6. Just thinking about Lester’s intense facial expressions when he was pitching makes me want to cry…What an athlete that man is!!!!!!!
7. Just thinking about coco and his new haircut just makes me want to cry…you can now see his gorgeous features
8. And FINALLY…Just thinking about each and every one of you today brings me to the most tears…..I am sure all of you want some peace and quiet today just to reflect and to think.

You must know how much you guys are loved and respected. For me…who is the ice princess….to show my heart for the first time and express my feeling should speak volumes to your entire organization.

Love all of you so much and my door and home is always open to those wonderful guys who make up the team called the “Boston Redsox.”


I just kept thinking when Tampa scored that first run, that if Jacoby was in the outfield that speedy bugger, he would of had the ball in no time and cut off the tampa runner and at least held him at 3rd and ya know what, tampa never would have got that first run and it would have been a whole different ball game. If only things could have been different. What a great season though. Really wish you were in the last few games and that you could of had the chance to break out of that slump. Im from Ontario but i am making my way to Boston for the season opener that is for sure!! I watched Fever Pitch everday at work gave me hope for what i thought was to come in last night’s game. There is always next year
thank you for a great year

Where to start…. Thanks for keeping it going as long as you guys did! I thought we had this one. Oh well, sorry you didnt get a chance to play and get outta that funk, cant snap outta it if your not playing and everyone goes through it! Next year… I look forward to not needing a center fielder and the 09 season enjoy your time off and thanks for a great season!!!

Thanks to you and your Teammates and the coaches for an entertaining and awesome season full of good memories.

GREAT EFFORT RED SOX!!! You’ll get ’em next year!

Long Live Red Sox nation!

From all the way here in Sydney!

JACOBY!! You guys played a great season! Even though you’re not in the World Series, you know what to do next year to improve yourself. Enjoy the off season, and get em next year!! I was at the 9/23 game against Cleveland and got to see you play and watch you guys party as you made it into the playoffs!! You guys are a great team, and are amazing!! GO SOX!!

Thank you guys for another great season!
You can enjoy the offseason knowing you all played your best and showed the tremendous heart we’ve come to expect from this team.

So rest up and get everyone back to 100% health. Already counting the weeks til Spring Training!

And please, bring our Captain back. Tek is such an invaluable member of this team, and we all know it. The Sox just won’t be the same without him.

See you for Opening Day!

I feel very proud of see a group of friends playing the game 7, obvuosly put my hopes in the victory; but thinking all the greate seems to be a red sox player!!!! the great team is playing a great ball all long season, im happy to be a sox´s fan, im sat becaus the season its over, but the better thing is the next april will be together; Jacoby, my best wishes for this break, for the next year, the similar way whit all memebers of the roster, congratulations for 2008, you always be my champs, I love guys!!!!!!! and LETS GO RED SOX, LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!!!!





First of all, I have to say Thank you to the Sox for amazing season. You guys never cease to amaze the fans. Even though you guys have had ups-and-downs this season and all the Manny drama, you managed to make it to the postseason again. I have to admit, I cried last night when you guys lost, but every loss makes you guys better each game. You gave it your all and then some this season, and the ’09 season is probably gonna be better than the ’08 season. You guys always come out stronger every single year. Sure fans are disappointed the ’08 season is over, but that leaves us anticipating next year’s season and we have something to look forward to. So thanks guys for a rokkin season!
-Alyssa :]

i want to thank you gents for giving everything, finishing strong, and playing one hell of a season.
thank you for being the goonies that never say die.
can’t wait to see what happens in ’09.

jacoby, enjoy the well-deserved rest in the off season.

Hey Jacoby, greetings from Scotland!

Just wanted to let you know that the Scottish branch of red sox nation is really proud of you and the team’s achievements this year and no one can deny you guys had a great season especially with the injury problems throughout the year.

We had the pleasure of making the trip across the Atlantic in June to watch three games and i have to say you played like champions then and you played like champions throughout the season.

I have no doubt you’ll come back even stronger in 2009 and I’m already looking forward to the new season starting.

Enjoy your well earned rest over the winter. I’ll be catching up on some sleep!


What a great an exciting season!
It’s too bad it didn’t go further, but I guess you can’t win ’em all, as they say.
We are so proud of all of our northwest boys over there in Boston.
Milwaukie, OR

Geez, negativity much, vinsinkin? Yes, this series was mismanaged–that’s what you get for having an inept manager. Maddon wasn’t exactly perfect, either, or else this might’ve been over in five. And judging by the prospective name, I’m guessing it’s a girl baby, so just ****.

Jacoby, you guys have nothing to be ashamed of. You put up a great fight against a pair of superior teams in the Angels and Rays. In the end, the best team won out, plain and simple. It happens. Ah, well, there’s always next year.

hey jacoby!!!
bummed we didnt make it to the world series, i guess it just wasnt our year 😦 i think i died a little on the inside! lol but its ok. hope u guys arent taken the loss to hard! it happenes to the best of teams, but look how far u have come! there r teams that would kill to be in ur shoes, or just to have that october feeling! all of u had a terrific season this year and everybody in red sox nation thank u for it! its amazing how this team was able to bounce back afta having so many injuries. even when ortiz hurt his wrist we were still pretty hot! i enjoyed watchin u play every game! i am deffinitly lookin foward to the 2009 season, and i kno it will be a good one!!! well i hope all of u enjoy ur offseason and a well deserved rest! btw hope lowell has a speedy recovery, were gunna need him next year! i will see all of u ’09, cant effing wait!!! LOVE YA BUNCHES JACOBY!!! U STILL ROCK MY SOX!!! 🙂

Hey Jacoby,
Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to share your thoughts in this blog. Thanks for playing hard all season. Have a wonderful off season………enjoy the cold nights and clear stars in the high desert. Just think spring training is right around the corner……….take care.

Thank you so much for this wonderful blog. I’m amazed you could take the time to keep us informed, and it’s truly appreciated. You write so personally, that your posts read like letters to your folks at home. You really have a nice touch.

I will echo all the above, in saying Thank You for a splendid year of baseball.

i have to give both you and the redsox team full credit. you guys tried your hardest out there every game and gave it all you got. this was my first year of actually paying attention to baseball, and it was my first year of being a red sox fan, since i told you before that i was an ex yankee fan. i have to say you guys are awsome for making it this far and i give you all the respect in the world. i just have to say thank you for making this season the best for me, and the most exciting season of them all. i cant wait to see you guys next year which is going to be my first game at fenway for my sixteenth birthday, and hopefully making it farther next year in the playoffs for next year to make it another exciting season as well. i really cant wait to see fenway and what it has to offer. im also hopeing to get front row seats and when i see you come up to bat, dont be surprised if i yell your name really loud.;)
love you lotss,

I just want to say Thanks to The Boston Red Sox for another great season of baseball. Sure I wish we were in the World Series, but we have many good memories of a great 2008 season. I was lucky enough to get to Fenway for 7 games this season, one being on my 50th birthday, No better place to be.. We got to welcome Jason Bay and Mark Kotsay, glad to see Manny being Manny gone. Mike, we hope you heal from your surgery quickly. Tito good luck with your back surgery. Hope you all have a good offseason. I will be lost without you guys all winter.(and they are long here in VT).
Jacoby thanks for the blog…..

Jacoby, Thanks so much for taking the time to blog!! The Boston Red Sox are just so awesome a team to watch play the game of Baseball!! Unbelievable!! You guys brought some very exciting times to a beautiful time of year here in Red Sox Nation! You played through some remarkably tough times this season, as only real Champions can do. You really showed us something here! Enjoy your very well earned time off, and thank you for such a terrific season of baseball. No regrets here, none! Looking forward to next season all the way!! Jack on Cape Cod

You win some, you lose some, but hey, that was one hell of a season you guys played. No one ever thought that you guys would make it this far except for the die hard fans. This season will stick out in my mind for a long time because of the fact that it was all of you young guns on this team to get us to the ALCS. With Manny gone, and Papi hurt for a lot of the season, you guys proved that you could manage to win without the power of their bats. Every little hit counts and you guys took full advantage of that this season. Thanks for yet another exciting season…counting down the days until April 6th. Enjoy your offseason and can’t wait to see you guys out there soon.
Allie from RI

Hey Jacoby
Thanks for another GREAT season. You and the guys were awesome. My family and I have watched most of the games. My two year old will say Mom “toby on TV”. She is just learning to talk but she knows who you are. You are HERO to many of the children here on the rez. You are an inspiration to my boys. Keep on smiling and making them amazing catches. Have a great off-season. I will have them Navajo Tacos ready anytime.

To the Red Sox players: This has been a long season for you guys. I know that you guys fought until the end and some people dont understand that. I know people that are Yankee fans, ohhh brother!!! the comments LMAO…But anyways 2009 is a different year take a little vacation, visit family, and have fun. Maybe 2009 supposed to be our year, who knows. Jacoby I hope you stay with the Red Sox we need you(I heard a rumor) and everybody else. I know we dont have as many rings, trophys, etc. I think you guys play harder than any other team. Keep up the good work see you next season. Jess.

Jacoby, my Father thinks you are going to be one of the great all time baseball players and I hope and pray that you get there while being a Red Sox. I’ve been impressed by your speed and skills since last year. I think you inspire the team with your speed. You even had Ortiz think he could steal bases!! The entire season was impressive and in Red Sox tradition – played with passion, power and excitement.

I have a friend in NYC that is half Navajo and I bought him a Jerry Remy Navajo Nation t-shirt and even though Boston isn’t his primary team, he wears it proudly.

I wish Lowell well with his recovery. I hope you all get some much deserved rest. As a final statement – I want to see Varitek on the team next year. Thanks for a great season.

Hey Jacoby,

Congrats on the great success in the season of 2008! You and the team played with such a passion, win or loose you guys did a spectacular job!!

Here’s to the 2009 Red Sox!!!

XOX Kaleigh

I just wanted to say congratulations on another great season. Win or lose, the Red Sox are always so exciting to watch. I for one am already counting down the days until spring training. Jacoby have a great offseason and I can not wait to tune in to see you again in the spring. Red Sox nation loves #46 !

As a Red Sox fan living in Denver during the 2007 World Series, I realized the difference between a fairweather fan and being a true fan of a truly great team- that win or lose, you still know they’re the best out there and you still love them. People always ask me why I’m a Red Sox fan since I’m not from Boston. I always tell them “because I love how they play the game”. I see other teams play great games, but I don’t always see what I see when you guys play…the love of the game, of the team, working together to achieve one goal, just deliver for the good of the team. You guys made me love the game. I am extremely proud of you and the rest of the team for the dedication and achievements you’ve had and for what you do for all of us fans watching. I am looking forward to Spring Training and seeing you guys fight for a third World Series win this decade!

Yeah, now you can all go and play golf with heart! Haha!

Hey Jacoby, go back home to the farm and learn how to hit, would ya? Obvisouly last season was just a fluke!



Jacoby, WOW! What a season HUH? I miss you guys so much already. I am fretting about what Theo will do for trades and contracts. Tek’s got to come back.
You guys were awesome all year. I enjoyed watching every game. I am amazed watching you play and as young as you are I cant imagine what you will play like in years to come. I am not sure where you spend the off season but i can tell you MY offseason will white and cold. I cant wait to see you all at Spring training. It always warms me up knowing you all are in Florida playing ball.
By the way i wouldnt be surprise if Jacoby is the most used baby name this year for boys. One of my sons teachers named her son Jacoby this summer. You desired this honor. Just reading most of these blogs you can tell that we are all proud of the job you all did this season. We as fans will be preparing in the offseason too. Most of the prep does include prayer..hee heeee! Have a wonderful break and be encourage Jacoby—you are just at the beginning of your career. Take care!

Hey kid, I am very proud to say I’m an old die hard Red Sox fan. It was a great run. You be proud. Pride is something you feel when you’ve accomplished something. I can only take credit for hanging in until the last minute. You did all the work. I felt privilaged to watch.
Thanks to you and the Sox. Always, thanks.
I use to make my husband hurry home from work so we could drive into Boston during rush hour to see my beloved Sox. After a win or loss, I remember the drive home. Always thinking, boy it was good to see them again. They played great, just like always. I now live in Vancouver, WA. I can’t get to Fenway, but I tune in no matter what. I pay through the nose to get MLB Extra Innings. I watch every game. I didn’t miss this loss either. Boy, it sure was good to see you guys. Hold your head up. Be proud. Have fun this Winter. Go South and stay warm. Portland is too wet. We’ll be tuned in next year. Be ready for Spring training. I’ll be there like an old friend watching for the sheer enjoyment of watching. If you win it all, well, that would be like gravy.

I’d just like to say thanks for the great season and that even though its always hard to lose (especially in the postseason) it was a great year and you guys all played with a lot of heart and sincerity. This team faced a lot of adversity this year with injuries, the Manny trade and what-not, and you still managed to make it this far. And to be honest, you gotta lose sometimes, and in a way, losing some big games makes the wins even better. Really the worst part is knowing that there won’t be any games again until April! So thanks for a great season, and thanks for being a team I’m proud to say I’m a fan of. And don’t worry, we’ll shove the Rays back to the basement in ’09! Go Sox 🙂

Awesome season guys! You should be so proud of yourselves and I’m sure all the fans know that its not just any team that can come back from the brink. The Red Sox will always be the champs not just for winning but for who they are and how they play with respect for the game. As for this LA native Red Sox fan, I’ll always welcome the opportunity to sit for hours in the August rain at Fenway to see you play. Hope to see ALL of you guys back in April!

This may be the exact game we were looking for. I know you were disappointed and so was I but this is the exact feeling we had in ’03. lost in game 7. Next year we were the “idiots” and ended up breaking the curse. People think this is the beginning of a new one, but all it is, is baseball. We were beat by a good team, they deserved to win just as much as we did, they don’t know what it is like to have a championship, and they will have to wait for next year. But next year is the beginning of a fresh start for the Red Sox, and the Red Sox are the wall of baseball. We have been one of the best teams in baseball and I dont care about the acquisitions of the Yankees made, we are the RED SOX, that name will live forever. Now give that name something to cheer about. Just play with pride and love for baseball. Who knows, you might get somewhere…

Good For Jacoby For Making a blog! Visit my red sox blog at:

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