Win Or Go Home


Coming into this game, we felt confident. Half the battle
was just believing in the first place that we could come back from 3-1, that we
still had a shot.

We did it again tonight, just like in Game 5, though it
didn’t have to be quite so dramatic this time.


It’s a lot nicer to play like this than to have to come
back from 7-0 down in the bottom of the seventh inning. You never know what can
happen, but it is nice to have the lead going to the latter part of the game.

You have to love what Josh Beckett did for us tonight. He
was tremendous. He only gave up four hits against a team that has been swinging
the bats great. He gave us exactly what we needed and kept us in the ballgame.
He’s obviously not 100 percent right now, but every person on this team still
believes in him and still has confidence when he takes the ball.

The one thing about Josh is that you always know he’ll
give us everything he has, and that’s all you can really ask for.

It was also great to see Jason Varitek get that big home
run. Sure, he was in a slump, but he keeps on grinding out his at-bats and he
got a reward there. When you’re a good hitter, that’s going to happen, so it was
nice to see him roll again.

We got the feeling of what it’s like to play in Game 7
last year. Everything is on the table. It’s win or go home. I guess it’s been
like that for us the last few games, but now it’s that way for both teams. It’s
going to be another great atmosphere tomorrow.

Obviously we like having Jon Lester out there in Game 7.
He’s pitched very well for us all year. I can’t wait for Sunday night to get here.



Great blog again! Still hoping to see you play, we could really use your base stealing! I believe that you can be great! Good Luck Sunday night!!!! -Lisa

Jacoby ?
Hey Els? Congratulations !!! Oregon is soooooo proud of you and what you have done to contribute over the last 18 mo for the Sox!!!! Your RBI?s and SB and your attitude have gotten us where we are tonight !!! and OMG we?re going to GAME 7 !!! Thank you for being the ultimate good sport in all circumstances and epitome of a fine ball player.

You keeping this blog up, Holy Cow – is just another example of your maturity and honorable personality ! !

I?ve been an Eastern Oregon rancher since 77, (an avid OSU BB fan (can?t bring myself to say OS yet .)) and (HS 3A fan) anyway? when I return to Boston/Cape Cod for family visits ? the first thing I do is tune the rental car radio to WEEI. I revel in listening to all of Red Sox Nation taut your abilities over the airwaves. It?s so cool to hear how much New England and Sox Nation is in love with you too ! Keep up the good work son? while we miss your wheels smoking the field, and those amazing jumping diving sliding catches… everything happens for a reason? know that you are still a very integral part of this post season team. Stay ready? we love you.

Thanks to your efforts I am still living the dream of getting to Fenway for the first time in my life. Two weeks ago, I won the opportunity to purchase Fenway tickets through the RedSox website, and I have two potential tickets to game 2 of the World Series. I’ve watched your team from afar, but if you guys can do it, I’ll be making the eight hour drive Thursday. For me, it would be on the happiest days of my life to get there.

Whatever happens, thanks so much for being an inspiration to thousands of folks who love baseball. I love the Red Sox.

I was so happy for Beckett last night. I personaly though he did much better last night then what he has been the past few games. Last night just showed that he was like a comeback kid. We all here at my house know that Josh can do it, and that the team can do it to! All i can say is that for the rest of the week, i’m not going to be gettin much sleep and being able to go to school the next morning! If i have to staying up and cheering for the Red Sox all night, then so be it. There my home team, and i’m never giving up on them. i know you guys can do it tonight in game 7.

Great game last night guys!!! Another big one tonight and we all believe that you can win it. Josh pitched great and you all looked zoned in to winning. Keep that fire for tonight and play with no regrets. I hope you get to play tonight Jacoby, I reaaly missed seeing you in the lineup. Good luck and we all love you!

It will be nice if you get back in the game today Jacoby, but if not you know that you will be ready to run if it’s tight late in the game and Big Papi gets on and you need to run for him!!. Coco is hot right now so I am guessing Tito will have him in for starting. It seems you were doing better when Tito placed you a little further down the lineup to bat instead of leadoff. Beware the Rays tonight, they will be playing OVERAGRESSIVE BASEBALL !!, trying to steal every base they can, hit every homerun they can. The REDSOX can do it though, play the AGRESSIVE GAME with them !!!.. GO REDSOX !!!!!!!!……………..

Jacoby – I was upset to see that you didn’t start but caught glimpses of you in the dugout – ready to go if needed. I hope they use you in some fashion tonight. Becasue we all know, once you get on base – Watch out bases will be stolen 🙂 Great job to everyone last night! Can’t wait for tonight. Go SOX!

Just one more win to focus on right now boys!

Great game last night – Beckett showed a ton of guts and I can’t imagine a more perfect person to get that game winning homer than Tek!

Jacoby, I have to commend you for the class you’ve shown during this Series. I’m sure it’s hard for you to not be playing, when you’re such a gamer and a dirt dog, but by being so agreeable about doing what’s best for the team right now shows you’re more than just a great player, you’re a class act too.

Here’s to Lester having a brilliant outing tonight! Keep breaking it down to one pitch at a time, one at bat and one inning at a time, and go out there and do what you all do best – play hard and win a ballgame!


I always love reading your blog. It’s just so optimistic about everything. I was sad to see you out again, but I know you were ready. Hopefully we’ll see you in tonight. You’ll get out of that slump. It happens to the best of us every now and then. That was a super game last night and tonight’s should be even better. You all have the momentum going for ya. Lester’s gonna be back to himself tonight I bet. Take it too ’em!
Go Sox!

Hi, tonight its could be a night of nights; the history, the destiny its gonna be on the red side, im really happy for all the sox, the best of the wishes for the game 7, Win and live, one more time, LETS GO RED SOX!!!!!!!!

Just want to say great job to you all, simply amazing. I cant tell you how much I am looking forward to tonights game, I think everyone is. I wish you guys the best of luck!! Crystal

Yea! It was a great game to watch because it wasn’t painful at any moment! I really hope you play in game 7!!

Jacoby, Please let all the Sox know that there are 1000’s of us all over the country who just love you guys and have been staying up late routing for our INCREDIBLE team from our living rooms. Tonight, know that for every one stupid cowbell you hear clanging, there are probably about 50,000 Red Sox fans, glued to our TV sets, cheering and supporting you ALL THE WAY!! Even though we can’t be there in person, 1000’s of good thoughts and prayers of support are coming your way throughout the whole game!! GO RED SOX!!! TAKE IT BACK TO FENWAY!!! LOVE THAT DIRTY WATER!!

wow Another great game.This one I dozed a couple times,my day started at 430 am having to drive from MV to Springfield Mass and then back again.But made sure to be home in time for the game.I was just dozing off when Jason hit his homerun and i heard it just in time to watch it fly.I screamed and jumped outta the chair.I was awake the rest of the nite.
Game started off sketchy…wtbs lost signal and i freaked and grabbed my laptop and tuned into their 4 xtra cam shots.I couldnt tell what the calls were and hard to see but i managed ok till tv tech problems were fixed.
I had a really good gut feeling all day we would win this having the momentum.I also feel tonight will go well.Each time i wore a team shirt during the day that player did soooo well (Jason Bay) during LA. Today I am wearing my MVPedroia shirt.Hes just been too quiet lately.Its time!
Paps always my #1 he always ROX (last nite)those shirts stay on the wall they $$$$.

**Tampa obviously is lacking one thing apparent to me during the last two games is experience under pressure.they made several bad plays under pressure.choke.

**SOooo Red Sox,put the pressure on! your so cabable of it.I love you guys all of you.I love my team! XXOO

*~*How ‘Bout we go to a World Series! *~*

hey jacoby!!!
last nights game was amazing and i enjoyed watching it!!! im sooo happy u guys won and forced a game 7!!! cant wait for it start 2night, and i kno this game will keep everybody on the edge of their seats!!! bummed that u havent been playing 😦 it must be hard for u to sit and watch the game, ur probally like “man i really wanna play!” but sitting out must give u a chance to figure how ur gunna come out of ur batting slump 🙂 anywayz…..congrats to varitex and youkilis for hitting homeruns!!! everybody played a great game last night! beckett pitched very well last night! good luck to everybody in game 7! i will be watchin and cheering for u guys!!! LOVE YA LOTS JACOBY!!! 🙂


What else can I say but WOW!! My heart was not so much in my throat as Thursday night but that still was one sexy win. I told my friend who is the head baseball coach at our school that just like Papi, Beckett and ‘Tek would find what they needed as it is already inside. No doubt that the Sox are as talented as anybody in the league, but right now you guys are showing heart and that will take you anywhere you want to be. I think the team did an excellent job of getting to Shields last night and that pressure made all the difference in the world. I miss seeing you in the game (your talents are needed), but I know that you are ready to go when it is time. Thanks for staying positive no matter what the situation. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog and selfishly would like to read a few more that end up with another World Championship for the Red Sox. I look forward to working something Sox into my outfit for Monday. Good luck tonight and God Bless. I know you guys have it in you. RED SOX ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

EDW – Plano, TX

Good Luck!!!!!! Can’t wait for the game!!!!

Hey mate!!!
Huge kia-ora and talofa all the way from down under in New Zealand!!! Yes, there are even Red Sox fans down here too! Have been glued to the laptop seems like forever. To all other Sox Nation, I am so envious of you all, would love to be there but obviously cant. I am a Rugby freak, only played rugby my whole life but became a believer in ’04, when I witnessed the greatest comeback over those Yankees on our PPV and was instantly hooked on this game which we (sadly) cannot play here. My dream is to come to Fenway and watch just 1 game in my life. Can only imagine it will be the greatest buzz ever, supporting a team with people who really know how to support a team. To Jacoby, I know you must be itching to get on but I’m sure your happy as well if the team is doing well.
As we say down here,
Kia kaha Red Sox!!!!!!!(which simply means GO HARD SOX!!!)
Peace out to you Jacoby and the rest the team and the Nation.

Kiwi Sox Fan,
Auckland, NZ

Hey Jacoby!

Hope you play tonight! I will stay up for the whole thing if you do…trust me.

Go out there and play hard and keep high confidence.

Go get ’em!

XOX Kaleigh, Lauren, and Nicole 🙂

What a great game. Way to put the pressure on the Rays. Josh Bekett was amazing. Like I said before just stay calm and relaxed. We have it under control. Red Sox Nation has your back.I can’t wait until the game, I have some hours to kill first though.GOOD LUCK!

hey jacoby…omg when i checked the lineup for last night’s game at like 5:30 last night, i actually started crying my eyes out because you weren’t in the lineup…i miss seeing you play…but im still really happy that you guys won last night…its my dream to meet you one day…i love you more than anything in the world…i have so much faith in you that you will come out of this slump sooner than later…i believe in you 100%…you are my everything…i’ve never loved anyone the way i love you before…my life revolves around you…sorry if i sound like a crazy fan of something but i just want to tell you how i feel about you…im crossing my fingers for you to play tonight…it would mean the world to me to see you in the staring lineup tonight…i wish you the best of luck and i have total faith in you…i love to death!!!
carissa xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Hey Jacoby,
I cannot wait for tonight’s game. I will be so much like last year’s game against the Indians, only so much better because it’s against the Rays. I have complete faith and confidence in Lester and the whole Red Sox team tonight. I believe that there’s no go home for the Sox in tonight’s game. I really sucks you’re not in the lineup and that Crisp is. Throughout the whole season I think the numbers prove you should be on that field tonight at the Trop. I hope tonight’s game goes well. We will all be watching in Bristol, NH!!!
Good Luck!!
We love you!! LEADOFF!

Hello Jacoby..
Like so many others I enjoy reading your Blog. about 2 years ago my husband Bruce got me into watching Baseball games and ever since I am hooked on the game! we live in Glendora California and we are 15 miles or so from Angel stadium and I am a fan of theirs but I also love watching all the other teams as well pre and post season. I admire the tenacity of the Red Sox and especially watching you play and the fervor in which you do so. You seem to fly like the wind from base to base and I know when you hit the ball I’ve seen some really firey swings. Hang in there and soon the fire will come back. All of us in life go thru periods of change but keep your awesome attitude and love for the game ever so strong! I’ve always told my grown adult children have faith in yourself and in God he will surely reward you for your believing in Him and yourself. Thanks for a great Blog spot and for keeping us all believers in the Love of America’s great sport “BASEBALL”
Sincerely your friend
Mrs. T.
from Glendora California

The Red Sox continue to defy the odds. Go get ’em, Jacoby!

We all know the only one cheering louder than us tonight will be you. Keep the faith, they will need those feet of yours sometime to night. We miss seeing you playing, as it always keeps us on the edge of our chairs not knowing when the next headlong catch will happen. I’ll be wearing your jersy for the game tonight as always. GO SOX!!!

No worries boys! We love you and are behind you 100%, win or lose. Thanks for a wonderful season, and can’t wait til Spring Training and another great season of Red Sox baseball.

Lots of love!

Hey Jacoby…

Just finished watching Game 7. EXTREMELY PROUD of you guys!!! I marvel at the professionalism that is always demonstrated in your dugout. Love all of you guys….tell Tito he is the best and I will miss all of you guys this winter (April is just around the corner). Again, great job tonight.

Hey, Jacoby..
So sad to see tonight’s loss, but I’m so proud of all of you guys for getting so far in a tough season. The Rays had a good team, though I’m Boston all the way. If only you could have heard my mom and I screaming our heads off in a quiet little Nevada town!
I can’t wait for Spring Training, and just remember that the real fans are still behind you no matter what.
Oh, and one more thing – the TBS announcers were so blatantly backing the Rays that it was sickening! At least Remy and Don are positive when they talk about the other team. I’m pretty sure TBS stands for Tampa Bay Sports! Grr!
Good luck in the future!

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