A Reason To Believe


If ever there was a testament to what can happen when
guys just go out there and battle and compete, no matter what the score, this
was it. You always hear about how it’s not over until it’s over, and then you
see something like this to believe it.

We were just grinding out at-bats and playing solid
defense, because you never know what’s going to happen. This was a perfect example
of that.


We kept on saying in our dugout, “It’s not over. Even until the last
out, you have to always remember that it’s never over. I remember earlier this year we scored eight runs in an
inning. I think I got us going that time with a double. That’s the thing, you
just never know.

Each pitch, each at-bat, each out, you’ve got to stay at
it, and we did. The crowd got into it and so did we. It was exciting for
anyone who was here. It was exciting for the players, it was exciting for the
fans. You definitely feel the energy in the dugout when the place is rocking
like that, and it kind of gets you going. The fans could see how much we were
trying to grind it out.

I think after the seventh inning, when we got four runs and David Ortiz hits the three-run homer,
everyone all of a sudden really felt like we could win the game. All of a sudden
we’re in striking distance. That gave us some life.

Once Kevin Youkilis came across to score the winning run
on J.D.‘s hit in the ninth, the feeling is just one of, “We live for another day.”

That’s all we can do is just get on that plane and go to
Tampa and force a Game 6. We accomplished what we wanted to today.

This is just huge. It gives us a lot of momentum going
into Tropicana Field.
This is an exciting win, very exciting and fun to be a part of. It’s something we’ll never forget.



I know it must have been frustrating for you tonight I saw the way you looked at Terry Francona as if to say ?Put me in coach. I?m ready?. Realize that you have been a HUGE part of the Red Sox success!
Momentum is on your guy?s side take advantage of it and take the Sox to the World Series!!!


I’m in Sandy (not too far from Madras) right now, and tonight has been incredible. There are some Oregonians who are really proud of you and Jed right now.

I have faith you’ll find your stroke again.

Go Sox!

Thanks so much for the blog Jacoby! I really wished I could have seen you play tonight but I’ll take the win just the same! Can’t wait to see you out there again! You’ve got a whole group of us here in Utah rooting for you! Good Luck!!!!! -Lisa

(I wonder if Jacoby really is the one to update this? haha I hope so!)

I am frekin ecstatic. Tonight was a phenomenal game that truly showed everyone what potential the Sox have. I don?t know if the Sox are aware of just how much inspiration and hope you give the city of Boston. There are so many effed up things in the world and as pathetic as it might sound the Sox really do provide us with a sense of being able to accomplish our goals and dreams even when it seems like it can?t be done!
My friends and I kept joking that ?If that Jacoby he?d be on THIRD instead of SECOND.? Too bad we couldn?t see you in the game tonight but you?ve contributed a hell of a lot to get us where you are and I hope to see you play again soon so we can see you steal some bases and make some more amazing catches. (Just don’t jump into anymore fences)

What an exciting win, unbelievable, fantastic — can’t find the words. Sorry you didn’t get to play, I kept waitiing for your chance- to pinch-run, steal a base or two and score. I also thought a couple of times when runners were on base that you would have been on third by now. You have a lot of fans not only in the Boston area but in the western states. Win in Tampa Bay and shut up those awful cowbells! Boston must have some type of fog horns they could use to offset the other noise. GOOD LUCK! COBY AND RED SOX!

I’ve got a new dance for Papelbon to try- “Stayin’ Alive” from Saturday Night Fever! I can see him up on the mound with his finger pointing to the sky- if anyone can pull the dance off it would be Pap! The crowd would go wild- It’s cuz we’re still” STAYIN’ ALIVE”!!!!!!

Awesome game!!! We missed you though and hope to see you running over the plate on Sat. night!

Please, please, please ask Josh to dance with Jonathan to keep his promise to the fans. He could maybe play around during batting practice or even during your workout session and just have it recorded so the fans could watch it later. I think the Staying Alive Music could be fun! Good luck !!!!!

I knew that you guys could do it!! i never gave up on u guys, and same with many others, and you guys never gave up on us! that game was absolutely amazing!! i was happy to see curt shilling there last night! good to see a old friend back to watch!


WOW, I can’t believe that the Red Sox won last night. I thought we were in deep ****. But when I woke up this morning, I thought to myself, let see who won last night, I was ready for the bad news or the good news. When the sport narrator announced that the Red Sox won, I thought that I was dreaming lol…But I had to watch the replays over and over because its so unreal. I said a little prayer yesterday for them and I meant every word. I prayed to God to send them an Guardian Angel before I went to sleep. But Red Sox players NEVER GIVE UP AND KEEP STRIVING!!! and Jacoby I hope you will be in this coming game. GOOD LUCK!!! -Jess:’ )

You guys were amazing! Thanks for shutting my husband’s friends up! Looking forward to seeing you in the next game.

It?s time to really play baseball now, we can do this guys yes we can.
We need to win in their back yard. We have been in this situation before, yes the Rays are doing great but we can do great or better. Its time to show them what we are all about, 1918 ?2004 was a long time and now is time to make this up. I will still be here next year and the year after that and the year after that not matter what happens but I have faith in you guys.

Alexa Jimenez
RSN Governor of Florida

Wow! I woke up at 5:30 for work and thought I dreamt that!! You guys never cease to amaze us! We love ya up here in Canada! You were one of catalysts last year and I’m sure you’ll be back in there doin’ what you do!! Keep the faith…we are! And no matter what…thank all the guys in the clubhouse for 5 or 6 incredibley exciting years.

President of Red Sox Nation, Evan Rotella (4 years old) and treasurer Dave (daddy)

Good God Guys!!!

That was some game. And to the fans that left in the 7th, I hope you cried listening to it on the radio, cuz You missed a helluva game and we know that you were not Red Sox faithful, but thats ok.

Coby, we missed ya in the game but we know you were there with Schil, Lowell and the rest. Spirit and teamwork win ball games, even if its not on the field.

We will see you in TB. We can silence the cowbells (We dont need more Cowbells). On to Games 6 & 7. As long as Beckett is Blackout Beckett, were in.

Thank Big Papi and Dr Drew for me, that was the most exciting Game ever.

Red Sox Red Sox GO GO RED SOX!!!!!

Oh man, what a game. I know the Red Sox have a history of taking these things to the wire, but holy cow. Great job! I love you guys! Can’t wait to see Game 6 on Saturday night!!!

OMG J!! That was AWESOME!!! Kudos to Coco but I would have been happier if you could of at least had a shot at pinch running and stealing some bases for us. That would have put even more pressure on them. But of course, as always, we’ll take a win any way we can get it. But please tell me you’ll be back in the game Sat?? Are you listening Francona??? The game’s just not the same without you in it Jacoby. Now that the bats are lighting up again yours can’t be far behind! Best of luck Sat but try not to drag it so close to the wire, my heart and blood pressure can’t take much more!!!

Fantastic game! The Red Sox NEVER fail to amaze Red Sox nation. You boys make Boston so proud, and you should all be proud of yourselves. I look forward to Saturday in Tampa Bay, just continue to do what you all do best which is playing hard in the deficit and giving us a reason to keep believing! Send Tampa Bay to the golf course. Great blogs Jacoby hope to see you out there this weekend.

I love you guys.

What did I say about momentum after yesterday’s post?

OH YEAH. It’s all about the Red Sox now! Go get ’em!

What did I say about momentum after yesterday’s post?

OH YEAH. It’s all about the Red Sox now! Go get ’em!

Awesome, awesome game! Don’t know how you guys do it, but you always do! Can’t wait til Saturday, silence those cowbells!! Hope to see you in there Jacoby! Good luck and keep the faith, we do!!

Jacoby – That game was crazy! I went to bed when it was 7-0 and then my husband wakes me up and puts on the TV in the bedroom after Papi hit the 3 run homer. I couldn’t beleive it! I knew in my heart that you guys could win last night and I know that you will win the next two. THEY BETTER PLAY YOU! I know that you will be out of your slump at the very next at bat! I can’t wait to watch on Saturday!!! I live in South Jersey and grew up on the Phillies but I have been a die hard Sox fan for 10 years now! What a great World Series this is going to be! Good Luck!!! Nicole

We ALWAYS have a reason to believe in all of you!

Time to go out there and win a baseball game on Saturday. Just one more game, one more win, that’s all you guys need to focus on right now.

It’s great to see our offense come alive again. Hope to see you out there soon Jacoby – your speed on the bases adds such an X factor to our game. Even if you’re not at the plate, perhaps a little Dave Roberts-esque steal action is in the future 🙂

Use the momentum, have a blast in Tampa, and do what you guys do best – refuse to give out or give in.


That rally was incredible. I jumped out of bed, cheering and woke up my wife (and almost woke the kids) when Drew drove in the winning run. I was buzzing so much after the game, it took me almost 2 hours to go to sleep. Go get ’em in Tampa. WE BELIEVE!

– Donny, Red Sox Nation, North Carolina

Hey Jacoby,

So it looks like you all got word that the Rays had champagne chilling in their clubhouse. I’m sure it was difficult for those awful TBS (Tampa Bay Suck-up) announcers to fake enthusiasm at the end of the game. I can’t even tell you how many of my idiot co-workers went to bed. Don’t they know better by now? Best of luck to everyone in Tampa!!!!

I am so proud of all of you. I really wish you could have been out there playing, the game just isn’t the same without you, but it was still an amazing game. I prayed for you guys, not to give up, and God came though like always. I can’t wait till saturday to watch you guys come out and beat them (Devil) Rays. You guys got your momentum just at the right time. Good luck.

A Faithful Fenway Fan,

I bet all those people who stopped watching after the 6th or top of the 7th were most likely kickin themselves after seeing Ortiz’s homer. I’m seriously glad that there was no school for me today so I was actually able to stay up late like that. 😀 .. but even if there was, i’d stay up anyway x]
so many people[students] at school yesterday was yelling at me that the redsox were gunna get killed again. I got crap from the officers, principal and like.. 15 teachers ’cause I’m a Boston fan as well; but it was all in good fun. xD
well, tell the team good job on staying with it all and continually doing their best; that’s why I love baseball. It’s never over til that last out.
… *typing too much now*
good luck in game 6 !

What an AWESOME ending!! What an AWESOME Team! Missed seeing you out there last night and hope to see Saturday. Best of luck to all of you!!!!!!!!! GO RED SOX!!!!!

Way to go Jacoby great blog!!! Knew you guys could do it…sorry we didnt get to see you play…you have added something to the team that I have never seen in the redsox an added sense of excitment and speed! And those plays in the outfield, you’ve saved many a run with them and helped the team to get this chance… Looking forward to watching you and the rest of the guys Saturday! Hang in there we all know you can get those hits!!! Unbelievable game lets get the next one…

I am so proud of you guys! Your hard work and effort has been so apparent in this long play-off run. I knew you could do it! I wish I could’ve seen you play! I was so mad because when my dad came into the room, he saw you guys were down by 5. I had faith and said Yogi Berra’s famous quote: It’s not over till it’s over. I tuned back in when he left and saw you were within one. Then you tied it and I screamed (well silent screamed) and was jumping up and down. When you guys scored the winning run my jaw dropped and it felt like it had locked. I was so happy! Thanks for your hard work! I love you guys 🙂

To the Red Sox players: When playing in tomorrow?s game please take your time in every play. Think twice and take out the RAYS!!! Make every play count swing at good pitches. Practice makes perfect. “Better Believe It”!!! Come Back Boston WoooHooo :’O

Way to go guys!!!!!!…fantastic….keep it up..you have to win this to repeat history..let’s win another world series!!!!…you guys don’t need Manny anymore….

Vic in Los Angeles……

this team blows me away. i had too much fun watching the game. thanks for the hang over.

I freakin’ went to bed in the top of the 7th after Papelbon gave up 2 more runs. I have 2 small kids and a job to wake up for, and it was after 11pm, I was beat. I figured if Pap’s not on, we’re sunk.

Well I wandered downstairs this morning and flipped open my laptop to go to redsox.com to get some closure on the season. WHAT IS THIS?!? “Red Sox Escape 7-0 Hole, Earn Magical Walk-Off Win” reads the headline!! I feel like the guy in Fever Pitch!

Here we go boys, let’s roll. You know what to do from here. Git ‘r done!!

Sending you and the team good vibes from Maine. Thanks for blogging.


You guys are amazing, i dont know how you do it. I am such a hard core fan of the red sox, to the extreme of i dont sleep if you don’t win, so last night i got a great nite of sleep! When i was watching that game, and papi hit that HR i knew you guys we gunna win because that was the momentiem that you needed. I love how no one can count the sox out untill that last out because you guys have so much heart! You are showing the Rays its not over, Keep on fighting! Silence those awful cow bells in the south! I cant wait to see you play on sat. GO SOX!!!

hey jacoby!!!
last nights game was FLIPPIN AWESOME!!!! i have to addmit i was a little nervous when the score was 7-0 and we didnt have a single run. when papi and drew hit their home runs i knew we were still alive and willing to fight back! i knew we still had a chance to force a game 6! im so happy for all u! everybody was great last night! little bummed u didnt play, but thats ok u kept the otha guys company in the dugout. good luck to everybody in game 6! (espescially u! hope tito puts u in the line up!) LOVE YA LOTS JACOBY!!! 🙂 LETS GO RED SOX!!!


OMG!!!! It is a good thing I can type this and not have to say anything. My throat is raw from all of the yelling last night. I think my students are very excited about not having lecture today. I knew Papi would find his swing when it was crucial and he did just that. And what can we say about JD Drew? The critics are silent but Red Sox fans are loud and proud today. The team really pulled together last night and it was so inspiring. Just proof positive that you can’t keep a good team down. Even if you weren’t in the lineup last night, I know you were still there for your mates supporting them all the way. I am wearing my #46 shirt today, totally unable to wipe the Chesire cat grin off of my face. Good luck Saturday night and God Bless. RED SOX ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!

– EDW – Still Cheering Loud and Proud in Plano, TX

OMG! Whatta game!! For you banwagon fans, who left early. I would have done anything to be in one of those seats. Papi, I gotta hand it to you buddy! You knocked our sox off. Papi finally woke up from Snowwhite mode. As for Crisp, you got it going guy.. Proud of ya!! Jacoby, you need to get it going in the next two games. Your a competitor when it comes to elimination games. We all know that. Just as you were in HS and College. The Warm Springs OR Indian Reservation is cheering for you, just as Madras OR-Jeff County. My kids were saying almost all the MHS students were wearing their Ellsbury/Redsox T-shirts and Jerseys this week. GOOD LUCK boys. Ja_Kobe46_soxfan

hey jacoby…last night’s game was one of the best games i’ve ever seen…the only thing that would have made it better was if you played…i actually started crying when i found out you weren’t in the starting lineup…but i guess it turned out pretty good…i really hope you play in Game 7 and if you do i wish you the best of luck…i love you!
carissa xoxo

I can’t say enough about what it was like to watch that game (from home) last night. You are an unbelievable bunch, and we really do appreciate the way you, collectively, stick with it no matter what. Thank you, and please pass on my thanks to the rest of the team. You are a pleasure to watch — even in the tough times. We’re with you in Tampa. All the way.
(You also made on 6-year-old girl very happy with the news of the win this morning. And pass on to Dustin that she is campaigning for a kitten, and wants to name it after him. I’m having a hard time saying no to that…) All the best in FL!

That game was just absolutely incredible. I swear, when Upton hit that two-run double in the top of the seventh, I called up my parents and said, “There goes the season”. Down 5-0, I still had a little bit of hope, but down 7-0…that was absolutely incredible. I already said that. I need more words. It’s just…One of the above comments mentions Fever Pitch, and that really is the perfect analogy. I should’ve known better than to think that it was over at 7-0. Larger deficits have been overcome, and in less time. Heck, a couple of years ago, a team won after trailing by like eight or nine in the ninth inning. But 7 down at the stretch in the playoffs, where you’re not going to see any bad teams, like the cellar-dwellers involved in that aforementioned example (Royals, versus the Indians)…Wow. I kept trying to share the moment with my family, but couldn’t get through any more. This was just…wow. Game 6 worries me, though; is Beckett going to be alright to pitch? Would we be better off taking advantage of all of the off-days to bring Lester back for Game 6 and saving Beckett for Game 7? This is kind of what I’m hoping they do. Last start notwithstanding, Lester’s been really good lately, and we need all the help we can get against Shields. Also, if Beckett is still hurting, he could benefit from the extra day of rest. On top of that, Beckett has the history of performing in big games, and a Game 7 would certainly qualify. Of course, the problem is that I’m not sure if this will occur to Terry, and also that Beckett’s too intense a competitor to…hold on, that may be a good thing. If Beckett gets moved back and he isn’t pleased with the decision, he’ll be pitching with a fire in Game 7 that could be exactly what the Red Sox need. This idea just sounds better and better all the time. Lester against Shields in Game 6, Beckett against Garza in Game 7.

I have to admit that in the 6th I walked away from the TV. I just get too emotional and couldn’t bare to see the faces of my beloved sox take another and final hit. Then my phone starts ringing, people screaming for me to get back to the game and I did…………….I am so ashamed of myself for walking away and so thrilled to have witnessed such a magical and amazing Red Sox historical event!!!! I was screaming so loud my dogs ran out of the room!! My heart was racing, I pinched myself to see if I was dreaming and this morning when I woke up the first thing I said to my husband was “Did I dream it or did it really happen?” He just laughed.

I will pray for Beckett to be the performer of last season and for Lester to play the final game, we have a great shot at going back to back.

You are a huge part of this amazing and pasionate baseball organization, Jacoby….and you are right where you belong. With the world champions.

God Bless Each And Every One Of You!

The dog was barking, the drinks went flyin’, and there was sheer joy all around at 9:17 p.m. PDT…

You guys made us forget all about our 401k’s! No small task these days.

Watch out Tampa! Can you say Game 7?????

A. Morton
san Francisco

i admit, i personally thought it was over after those back-to-back home runs in the 3rd, and now i feel bad for not staying up to watch you guys work your awesomeness. i dropped everything when i found out this morning, and i’m really looking forward to finishing off those rays at the trop!
lets go red sox!

Like many guilty fans, I left the game after Paplebon gave up those 2 runs, it was just too painful to watch. When I woke up this morning I didn’t want to turn on the tv to check the score. Then, I heard my sister yell the Red Sox won! and I couldn’t stop watching the replays! The trick is to go into game 6 relaxed 🙂 GOOD LUCK! GO SOX!

That game was soooo incredible-the best I’ve ever watched. Utterly stunning. I feel like after that, nothing is impossible for you guys. Keep up the amazing playing, go out there and WIN!!! I just posted my entry on this game…check it out. GO BOSTON!

Wow! That was great! I thought it was done and over with by the time you were down 5-0, but I kept watching for some reason. Boy, was I glad I kept it on! Way to never give up. Just go into the next one playing like you did those last few innings and there’ll be a game #7!
Keep it up!

Below is what I posted on my son Justin’s blog at http://caringbridge.org/visit/justincondoluci

Alright, all you Yankee fans out there, indulge me for a minute. Last night the Red Sox were down 3-1 games against the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALCS. Here they were losing the elimination game at Fenway, trailing 7-0 in the seventh inning. All hope (at least in my mind) was lost. Justin, doped up on steroids, begins to cry. Now usually he’s pretty level headed when it comes to watching games, but the steriods are doing a number on him emotionally this go-round and the Red Sox impending doom was just too much to handle. I turned off the TV (thankfully setting Tivo to tape the game, just in case) and tucked him into bed. I lectured him that if you’re a true fan you love your team win or lose. Tampa is a great team and had obviously out-pitched and out-hit the Sox… there’s always next year I tell him. He cried himself to sleep. Well, I wish every member of the Boston Red Sox could have been here this morning to see how winning a ball game is often about so much more than just “the win”. I woke the kids up at 7am, and amidst their confused objections quietly told them “shhh, just come watch this.” The look on Justin’s face was pure joy, combined with disbelief. The rally was simply electrifying and the Red Sox won the game 8-7 in the bottom of the ninth with 2 outs. Now they have their work cut out for them, needing to win 2 more games in Tampa to advance to the World Series, but no matter what, we will always have THAT GAME. And the memory of watching my son, watch that game, will remain with me forever.

I definately had faith in you guys last night. Somehow, I knew that Boston would come away with the Game 5 win. Ironic enough, if my living room clock is accurate, Big Papi hit his homerun at 11:11, which is generally a time in the night when people make a wish. So I wished that you would win..and you did! Congradulations, team! And Jacoby, congradulations on a great season so far. Even though you are kind of in a slump right now, it’s all good. (:
Good luck in Game 6!

Great job guys, keep it up. I live in philly and have ties to Boston. There is nothing I would like more than to see these two great sports towns battle in the ws. Good luck, it is not even close to being over yet.
I am a phillies phan but would not be totally distroyed if we lost to the sox.

Ps. The best italian food (aside from my own wifes kitchen) was found in Boston’s north side.

that game was nothing short of amazing!
i’m proud to stay that i stayed up the whole game and i never gave up hope! today was a great day for me, many of my friends aren’t Red Sox fans and i can’t tell you the crap they’ve been giving me about this series and i always tell them “it’s not over yet” and last night’s is exactly the kind of stuff i was talking about! it was unbelievableeee, me, my mom and dad were so pshyced! last was a perfect testament to what the Red Sox do, or don’t do rather, they never give up
let’s hope to see Jacoby playin in Fenway south tomorrow!
xoxo Briana

Jacoby, my mom loves you! You are great! I hope you break it open with homer after homer next time you play! I went to bed mad and upset after it was 5-0. I jumped out of bed just to see what happened in the morning! I went nuts when I saw the score. I don’t think many people stayed up to watch the end! I bet they were mad! If you can do that i hope this inspires your bats and pitching to win the rest of this series and then the world series! I hope you guys make me proud. I will never lose hope! I Believe! Thanks Jacoby!

Thanks for posting the blogs Jacoby. I have to admit last nights game was a nail-biter. the win was totally unexpected, but the Sox are full of surprises. Let’s rokk the Rays in game 6 and silence those cowbells. Gotta believe in Boston. Hope you’re playing again in Game 6 and hope Beckett is pitching like last season!
Much love and Good Luck,

GO RED SOX!!!!!!


OMG I am so proud of being a die hard true blue Red Sox fan who even tho by the 5th inning went from the living room to bed and tv and sad but never lost my FAITH,never shut it off.Because Ive witnessed far to many games where the Sox POURED it on at the end.Out of nowhere.What a HUGE THRILL to see the end of that game when so many shut it off. WOW I will have to remember from now on that paper bag next to the bed so when i cant breathe I have something to breathe into, and my heart was pounding so hard,yeh rockin back n forth at every pitch Pap threw at the end.Good Lord.whats next.
“WE” have the momentum going now.
“WE” will prevail,
this is
“OUR” title.
GO GET THEM NOW AND “FINISH” it you guys!!!!!!


oh and Coco,

GOD BLESS U COCO, you have an unwritten chapter with the girly rays now dontcha.

u rock buddy,god is with ya.your a good soul, and deserving,and he sure did answer your prayers.

done…need sleep

Last night was the BEST GAME I’ve ever been to for a lot of reasons. On the way in I saw the Japanese film crew that I know & that was fun. A Red Sox employee I know from when he worked for the North Shore Spirit gave me a sign to hold. Curt Schilling threw out the ceremonial 1st pitch. Man I love Curt. I love you too Jacoby 🙂 Our seats were directly behing 3rd base- about 8 rows back from the field. I was crying at the bottom of the 6th but then I heard Wild Thing and knew Papelbon was coming in. I knew when Pap came in at the top of the 7th we’d be ok. I love my team & Red Sox Nation. Let’s go Sox!
PS- I wrote Yaz when he was in the hospital having his operation and Wednesday I got a letter from him on his Hall of Fame card with his autograph.
Red Sox Kid Nation Captain

Tonight’s game came down to the very end. The first 6 innings, I did not think that anyone who stepped up to the plate could dig the team out of a 7-0 deficit. I kept watching though because I saw game 5 last year in the ALCS, and some how you guys ended up in the same place, so I thought maybe something would happen. I’m so glad I stayed up to watch because the game got very intense very quickly after the last out in the top of the 7th. As soon as the first run came around, I knew a rally was about to start. And it did and Fenway erupted!! All I have to say is great job Sox! Jacoby, I hope you come out of your slump soon and hit like you did in the ALDS! LEADOFF, LEADOFF, LEADOFF! You’re loved by many at Newfound High in Bristol, NH!!
Good Luck!

That win was absolutely amazing! All day yesterday I kept saying “The Sox are gonna win tonight.” And when you were down 7-0 I still believed. I screamed every time the ball was hit in the 7th(which scared the crap out of my cat…and my grandma…which was kind of funny lol). My throat still hurts from all the screaming. Anyway, that was an amazing game. I’m so proud of all of you. Good luck tomorrow night!
By the way, you’re very popular in my high school. I see a lot of Sox shirts and most of them have your name on them 🙂

Go Sox!


Awesome game, awesome season and it aint over yet!!!

Just want to say thanks for bringing such enthusiasm and excitement to the game–your love for the game comes through every day and truly inspires so many of us and especially young men like my son who look up to you!! We have so much fun watching the Red Sox and especially enjoy watching your career progress everyday!! We’re right there with ya, sock it to em Jacoby!! And thanks again for making the game that is already so much fun to enjoy that much better!!Best to you and all the Sox!!!Go Red Sox!!

oh yeah, and could you wish Cora a happy birthday for me? :]
lol. again, good luckk !

What a game, this was a game like 04, when thinking its all over….NOOOOOOOOO, the comback begins juts like this, when de small thigs are great things, batting with 2 outs, double plays, and the all good support, im proud of all the red sox, and i feel happy when see you, jacoby, in the tv jumping and huging everybody…
Green light to the red power!!!!!!!

Red Sox fans like me never stop believing.

The game is played one pitch at a time, and what matters is the present.

You are a big part of the reason the Red Sox are in the ALCS.
There is unfinished business, and we believe our Red Sox can get ‘r done.

We’re ready for you guys to amaze us again!

This team never gives up, and we fans never give up on you. Go out there tonight, break it down one pitch, one at-bat, one game, and one WIN at a time.

And remember to relax and have fun – we have a blast watching all of you play with such determination and heart, and pick each other up like a true team.

We’ll keep believing!


jacoby, u guys ROCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK!!!! i agree w/ everyone here – so many great posts…gotta hit the grocery store now for game wings, etc. but here’s a pic everyone’s gotta see – got to my MySpace account via this link: http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=viewImage&friendID=67188116&albumID=0&imageID=36796253

YUM, that was good said the Boston shark! GO RED SOX in GAME 6 TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Looking forward to the watching the game tonite!!!!
We are diehard Sox fans in this house, we love you guys
through thick-n-thin. Good luck, I hope to see you in center
field tonite.

Hi, Jacoby. Hope you get to play tonight (in the afternoon here in Hawaii, 2:00pm, when game starts). I miss seeing you play, but I’m certain it is very difficult playing as much as you do, even though it is obvious how much you love baseball and playing for The Soxies.
So, to the Soxie with moxie, go get ’em!!

Hi, Jacoby,
Me again. Forgot to say to give my best to the other “boys” – Big Papi, Youkiliptus (baseball healing), Coco Crispers, Cap’n Tech, and then there is you, Jacoby D (for dear).
Hope you got quality rest on the way to TBay.

Hi Jacoby,
Sorry to see that you’re not in the starting lineup tonight, but am sure will see you playing soon! What an absolutely awesome game the other night. I was on the edge of my seat the whole game. I am watching tonights game right now. Just saw Youki hit the run to tie the game. Good Luck to you All, you are all AWESOME ATHLETES! We are pure Red Sox fans here, through and through. In fact, I just had a son in August and named him Jacoby.

Hey Jacoby,
I hope we’ll see you in tonights game! We love you in NH!! It was great to see Variteks homer last night. And I hope Lester comes through liker Beckett did. Go Sox!!!!!!!!

Do you remember a fruit arrangement sent to the Sox
clubhouse before Game 5 on 10/16/08 ?? That was me !
I was so upset that the “fans” from games 3 & 4 were
leaving early on you guys, that I wanted to express my
optimism, gratitude & love for you guys that best way
that I could, the way my mom taught me-FOOD. Boys
don’t like flower arrangements, they want something
sweet & delicious. My card was simple: WE BELIEVE,
When the sugar rush kicked-in in the 7th inning, I was
beaming with pride for my boys !! God Bless The Red Sox !
D Tufts “Fruitgirl”

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