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Catching A Game 1 Win in Anaheim

ellsburydiveonground550x250.jpgFirst of all, it was a big win for us as a team, and that’s what is most important. As for me, I had an eventful night at the plate, getting three hits and stealing a couple of bases. But what I’ll remember is the diving catch in center field.

Not that I knew it was going to end up being a catch.

We were holding that 2-1 lead in the bottom of the eighth, and Mark Teixeira breaks his bat and bloops one to shallow center.

Did I think I was going to catch it? To be honest, no. I came in running full speed, and I
kind of glanced down at shortstop Jed Lowrie, thinking maybe he had a shot at it, hoping he
had a shot at it. I just kind of kept my head down and went for it and felt
like I kind of kicked in a different gear midway through that.

You’re just hoping to get there. I’m kind of peeking at Lowrie
and making sure we don’t collide. It’s loud out there, it’s the playoffs. Even if someone calls
for it, you’re probably not going to hear him, so you just have to be aware of
where he’s at. It ended up being a big out.


I really don’t get too fired up about diving catches, but I was
pretty fired up about that one. Late in the game like that, playoff time.
First out of the inning. You kind of want to kill a potential rally. I’ve made some nice catches this year, but this one was
definitely my favorite one of the year.

I was just hoping my arm could
reach out long enough. I didn’t know if I had enough reach in my glove, but I made
it. I looked at it for a second and I had it, so I just made sure to secure it.

Even though I had a good night, the biggest thing for me is we won. It would have been all for
nothing if we lost.

One reporter was asking me after the game what my speed was in track. I told him my split time in college one
time at Oregon State, running the 60. was 4-2. That’s not official. But put that in there. It
might have been 4-1, I don’t know. I love to run the bases though. It puts a little stress on the defense

This is a great time of year.  I try to have fun with it. Go out there, play hard,
leave it on the field. It sounds pretty simple. I try to make everything as
simple as possible.

We got a great start from Jon Lester tonight. Jason Bay had a
big home run and we got some insurance in the ninth. It was a great way to start the series.

We had a nice win tonight, now a day off tomorrow. It would be
nice to get both games here but it’s going to be a battle. They’re a great