Ready For The Big Stage Again

ellsbury550.jpgLast year at this time, I was a guy coming off the bench when the playoffs started, but for me, it’s not really all that different in the way I’m approaching it. I’m treating it the same as last year. Even at the start of this year, I didn’t know if I’d be playing every day.

So last year I just got prepared like I was going to start every game and I was ready to go off the bench. It’s the same situation preparing for it.

Of course, I did get to start for our final six games last October, and that gives me confidence this year, just that I had success at the ultimate stage, which is the World Series. As a Major League baseball player, there’s no better stage than that. I would say the biggest thing is confidence.

I come in on a good hitting streak from the end of the regular season, and I’ll continue to do what I’ve done. Don’t try to do anything more or less. I was putting in the same amount of time before I got on the streak, so I’ll just go out there and play, and play hard. At the same time, you don’t want to try to do too much just because it’s the playoffs.

Playing the Angels, they have great pitching. They’ve found different ways to score runs. They can do it with the long ball, they can do it playing fundamental baseball and moving runners over. That’s what makes them tough. They can play the little game or the power game. Sure, they took it to us really good in the regular season, but that’s the regular season. Those games don’t matter now.

I think we’ve been playing very well, much better than last time we played the Angels back in late July. It is the postseason. It’s different than the regular season. It’s win or go home now. We’re looking forward to the series. We have Jon Lester going in Game 1. We have a ton of confidence in him and we’re looking forward to it.

We’re a confident team. We know what we can do, we know what we’re capable of. There’s a lot of guys in here that have a lot of postseason experience. I think the biggest thing is not really changing anything. We’re ready to go every game and just go in with that same type of confidence.

This is the fun time of year. A lot of teams aren’t fortunate enough to be in this situation, making the playoffs. It’s a big deal to make the playoffs no matter whether you won the division or go in as the Wild Card. We want to be there until the end, but the first game is Wednesday, and right now, that’s the most important one.

Today, we got in our workout. I feel real relaxed right now. On Wednesday, I’ll just go to the yard ready to go, get a good night’s sleep and go out there fired up with the rest of the team.


OMG! Jacoby you are like one of my favorite players! I found the blog before you posted anything and have checked it every 5 minutes to see if anything is up. I hope the Red Sox can repeat because the Mets are out.
Good Luck!

You guys are amazing!! It was so much fun to follow you guys last year. After my Padres got eliminated, you became my team, and this year is the same. I can’t wait for the playoffs to start!! GO BOSTON!!

Take it to the Angels!!!

Hey Jacoby,

Welcome to the blogging world. It will be great to hear your insight and perspective on the playoffs. Did Curt give you any tips about blogging. Haha, just kidding. Anyway, good luck to you guys, I am looking forward to tomorrow, although I better take a nap as it will be a long night back here on the East Coast.

Red Sox Ramblings:

Congrats Jacoby! Good luck continuing your streak into the post season.

Great job Jacoby!!! On September 25th was my first game at Fenway Park. I was excited and nervous at the same time, because seeing my favorite team play. I wanted an autograph from you (Jacoby) but you were to far from me lol… I was going to throw my bank card that has the Red Sox logo on it. Seeing you play was a wish of mine. I Thank you and your team mates for all the hard work. Jessica xoxo

I cant wait to see you guys play some good ol October baseball. I think that you will be the key the Sox success just like you were last October…. slap the ball the other way, get on base and steal some bases. Good luck!

Congrats Jacoby! Last year you won America a free taco with the first stolen base of the World Series; what will you do for us this year when you get to the big game? I will be watching to find out. Good Luck!!!!!!

awesome blog and great job on making the postseason! i’ll be watching 🙂
(and just to put it in the books, if it weren’t for me, ellie wouldn’t even really know who you are. just saying :D)

Go Angels, 2008 World Champions. You’ll see. This is our year to give it back to the Red Sox.

Hey Jacoby, Nice blog…I am a fellow Oregonian from Ontario and have followed your baseball career since Madras. Way to represent. Good luck in the playoffs and keep doing Oregon proud!

The BoSox have had many difficulties and this season has been a huge struggle but, they still are a very talented team. Even with some of our vets somewhat beat-up, we will still give the Angels all they can handle (and maybe more). Just keep getting on base, Taco, and the Red Sox will be explosive. There are plenty of reasons to be confident in this years edition; GO SOX!

Jacoby you have easily become my favorite player though I love all Bosox players. You are a incredibly exciting player and I am rooting for you and the boys just like all of Red Sox nation is. Sox ’em Sox.

Hi jacoby!!!! u r my absolutly favorite player on this team and i love seeing u play! congradulations on gettin to the playoffs!!! i kno u guys will be great!!! ur a great baseball team and i have faith in u all! good luck in games 1, 2, and 3!!! keep blogging! i enjoy reading! 🙂

Hey Jacoby!!
Umm I love you to death, but aside from that, I’m so excited to see you and the rest of the team in the playoffs this year. I was with you guys all last year and I’ve been with you guys all this year, and I’ll stay up as late as I can to watch you guys play. I don’t care if I fall asleep in school. It’ll be worth it in the end. Just remeber you have so many people cheering you on and you are such a good player. You will do so well this post-season. (=

Here’s hoping you guys go deep into the postseason. Watching the Sox has never been more fun than it’s become with all of the young guys who’ve come up through the system like you and Petey and Pap and Lester and Youk, and now Lowrie as well. You, man, you are the Flash! Remember that!

Amazing job tonight!! That was an incredible catch and a great hit to get in Lowrie. Masterson owes you one. =P

WHAT A GREAT GAME!!! Your catch was spectacular. Plus getting three hits and driving in that insurance run, WOW!! Keep up the great work! GO BOSTON!!

Congratulations on a fantastic game tonight! Your hustle made such a difference. On behalf of Red Sox fans everywhere, thank you for what you do out there night after night. Best of luck to you and the rest of the team throughout the playoffs. Hope to see the Sox play several more great games this October. And to see you all bring home another World Series trophy to Boston again this year, of course!

Jacoby You were Awesome (as was all of you guys) You Rock Keep Up the Great Work We are all with Ya….

We are watching you from Corvallis Oregon. We miss you on the OSU squad but hopefully we have some future Jacobys coming in this year. We are thinking about you as we watch Pat Casey and the 09 team work out at Goss. You and Jed are making Oregon proud and I can only imagine how the folks in Madras are feeling. Hope you come back for a Corvallis visit after you back 2 back World Series victory. GO JE!

I am in love with you. I would do anything to be with you. Please play good because it makes me so happy.

Jacoby, great catch the other night, but I need to ask a question. I see you dive for many catches in the OF and many don’t seem you need to dive. You have incredible speed and you may be risking serious injury when there is no need to. I wish you much success in the playoffs.

Jacoby! Dude, you rock. Outstanding baseball Wednesday in CA. The whole team played great – Youk?s throw to 3rd, Bay?s big blast to put us on top! But the play of the game was in the bottom of the 8th when you snatched Teixeira?s blooper right off the top of the grass. That?s the web gem of the year! Whoooo Hoooo! That probably saved more than one run that inning. Plus you?re swinging a hot bat! On a side note, my sister is getting married tomorrow. Lucky for her we have DVR or I?d be ditching the rehearsal to watch the game. Now I just have to hope nobody tells me the score before I get home! Go get ?em! Good luck to you and the boys tonight!


I wish you all a terrific post season. I think you’ll beat the Angels in three–at the outside four.

I admire the grit of the entire team. You are all in my prayers.


so i officially love watching you play because i know every game, your gonna do your best to catch that ball in center field. I love watching all of the players as well of coarse, but i get extremely excited every time you come up to bat, and because your’e cute too so it all works out. ive never been to a red sox game before, because i am an ex yankee fan [ in which i regret ] but i cant wait till my first game hopefully next year, and i cant wait to see you there.
much love,

Good luck to the Red Sox and Jacoby Ellsbury you’re repping all Native- Americans in baseball. Much props from a ball player and also a Navajo. DJHarney44 Phoenix, AZ.

omg i love you jacoby!!!!! [im not creepy i swear] good luck in the playoffs and you had an AMAZING first game. go sox!!!!!!

The Beavers are proud of ya. The big O is watching.

Great game as usual for you Jacoby! Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule to keep us fans in the loop!
It was so great to hear RED SOX NATION alive and well in CA and silencing their crowd!!! We are a rare breed who travel across the country to support the number one team in baseball – BOSTON RED SOX!!!


You are my favorite baseball player ever. The main thing I talk about at school is Jacoby Ellsbury and the Boston Red Sox. I hope you stay with the Sox forever, just like Johnny Pesky(I was at the first game of the doubleheader and saw his number get retired)(and you get a career high 18 game hitting streak). Mabey they’ll name second base after you after a couple more seasons filled with 50 steals:)
I will always root for you and the rest of the Sox.


you are my favorite player ever!!!!! i run track, so i think its soooo cool that you are like insanely fast. good luck in the playoffs!!! go sox!

My daughter was there at Fenway last night to see the team get back to Boston. Thanks to all of you for waving, signing autographs and just letting Red Sox Nation bask in your achievements. Good luck today. I’ll be glued to the tv screen at my house cheering all of the team on to another victory. October is the best month to be in Boston!

You are a great writer and an even greater baseball player!
Peace, Love, Sox !!!

OMG!!!!!!! Love that dirty water!!!!! You guys are great.

My wife and I are from Madras and live in Bend. We are so proud of you and the Red Sox, we will be watching every game and cheering you on. We got to see you play in Seattle this summer and are planning to see a game in Boston next season. Go Red Sox!!

Pat and Melinda Carr

Flagstaff, Az . has some major die hard RED SOX fans, and most of them are from Boston, I used to live in Brighton, sure do miss the Bay area. Hopefully my HD is fixed by friday so we can see the Rays faulter in 4 games. Show them how us natives play ball. Kick some @*$!!!!

Go Sox!
Shawn, Nona, Tanner, Liam, & Evan

hey jacoby!,
so i already commented on this blog, but i just cant get enough of im really wondering if you actually read these, and im hopeing you do because if you dont ill just have to cry. i thought you did a tremendous job through the games with the angels, and hope you can do great as well this friday night.
since i’ve been reading your blogs, and they are quite good, i was wondering if you could come to my house and do my book reports for me. haha.
well if you cant thats
well i wish you the best of luck, and stay cute on the outfield.
much love again,

What a tough loss last night. Stayed up all night watching and praying. It will be okay when you get back to Fenway. Lester will kick butt. I hope Beckett’s arm is not still hurt and he just had a bad game. My son is a pitcher and had a hurt arm last year, so I know how he feels. He has been doing rehab and will be a senior this year. I am a die hard redsox fan and glad you have a blog Jacobi. I love you guys. Can’t be too mad at Timlin he gave my family tickets once. Good luck

Hello Jacoby,

a huge and sincere wishes for wins over Tampa bay.
Since a long time, we spend our october nights watching live baseball on tv and support all You guys with all our Red Sox hearts.

Let’s go Red Sox ! You can do it again ! We believe it !

Nunzio, Diego and Alessandro Botta

Ya’at’eeh Jacoby,
Enjoy watching you and the rest of the sox team. Here in Farmington, NM cheering on the team, we know and believe this is a repeat. Sending prayers your way. Blessings.

Hi Jacoby……. Good luck when you play next…… very disappointed not seeing you in the lineup last night 😦 Keep up the confidence and go for it… as long as you try and keep the faith you’ll do great.. you always do!!

Good luck from Kaleigh, Nicole, and Lauren!!!


Hey Jacoby,

Just go out there tonight and play like you did last year. I believe in you guys. Go Sox!


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